Homemade Won Tons

It is said that anything that is deep fried tastes good. I tend to think that is mostly true, except for maybe fried chitterlings. I have never tried them, but when I found out what they really were, decided to pass on the opportunity. Anyways, every once in a great while, we dig out the deep fryer from the garage and fry something. Maybe corn dogs, french fries, Japanese Tonkatsu or Tempura. And a couple times a year we fry up a batch of Won Tons. This is my own recipe, which I have tweaked and changed over the years.

First the filling. I chop up some Napa Cabbage, cilantro, fresh ginger and green onions.

I also add a couple cloves of garlic, minced in my trusty hand mincer.

All of this goes into a bowl. Next goes about 3/4 lb. of ground beef. I am sure you can also put in some ground pork, or use ground turkey; it doesn't make a difference.

At the end I crack an egg into the bowl; this helps to hold the filling together.

This is the down and dirty part; roll up your sleeves and mix with your hands. Clean hands. It is really the only way to do it.

Soon, it will look like this:

Now that you have the filling done, get your wraps together. These are the ones I use; you can find them at any supermarket.

You will need a small bowl of water, a butter knife, and a tray to set your filled Won Tons on.

You put about a tablespoon of the filling onto a wrap.

Then moisten 2 sides of the wrap, like this:

Then you fold it over, so now it looks like a triangle.

This is the tricky part: you stand the triangle up in your hands, pull the two points down...

...and meet at the bottom.

You want the points to come down, not across the wrap.

Moisten the points to make them stick together, then place on a tray.

Repeat until all the wraps are used. At this point I stick them into the freezer on the trays; once frozen I can either transfer into freezer bags to store or they are ready to fry. Now how you use them is up to you. We have always fried ours; before we got our deep fryer we would fill a large pan with a couple inches of oil and fry them in batches. Or you could find a recipe for Won Ton Soup and add them to the boiling broth. Either way, these are fun to make and yummy to eat.

Won Tons


1 cup finely chopped Napa cabbage
1/4 cup finely chopped cilantro
2 T. grated fresh ginger
1/4 cup chopped green onions
3 garlic cloves, minced
1 egg
3/4 ground meat (turkey, beef, pork)
1 package square Won Ton wraps


Combine first 7 ingredients in a bowl. Mix well using hands. Assemble wraps by putting 1 tablespoon of filling in center of wrap, then moistening edges. Fold into a triangle, then fold points down until they meet. Moisten tips to secure. If using in a soup place Won Tons in refrigerator until ready to use, otherwise place trays in freezer until frozen. Then transfer to freezer bags to store.


  1. OK. That looks *so* good, Charlotte! I want to see those at the next MM gathering, or else you just can't come!


  2. We should have them at our end of the year party....an appetizer party would be fun!

  3. YUM! Jason and I looked over this post and decided we'd like to make these for our Anniversary. Seems like a really fun thing to do together!

  4. Stef, they taste so much yummier when someone helps you make them. :-)

  5. Those look SO good! I love the photo of the whole batch of them on the tray. What a great photo! I also vote for these for the end of the year party! I make a mean eggroll and we could combine. :D

  6. Kate: yes, lets do them at the end of the year! I love egg rolls and have never had the pleasure of tasting yours. :-)

  7. What a GREAT post, Charlotte. I love the picture of all the pinched won-tons. They look SO yummy. I've gotta try this.

  8. Thanks, Erin! It really is easier than it looks. I hope you get to try it soon! :-)

    I can't wait to hear your news about your newest little one.....soon...


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