Christmas Time

Our holidays this year were low key, but filled with fun things to do. Here's what we were up to...

We started celebrating even before Christmas; in the kitchen. I had some kind of beserk mind lapse and felt that we were a little low on our sugar intake, so the kids and I made 4 different kinds of cookies. I really didn't have to, because a couple days later our kitchen counter looked like this with all the treats we had been given.

A couple days before Christmas we went to check out the lights display at the zoo.

A couple of these bears look like they want to eat me, and the other one looks too friendly to be a bear.

Then on Christmas Eve, we had our annual munchy night. Yes, this is what I bought that deep fryer for.

These are the mini corn dogs.

Here is my plate, ready for consumption.

Later that night we drove out to a few different spots to see the lights. At one place the entire cul-de-sac goes all out. So the only thing to do, unless you feel like waiting in line in your car for 45 minutes, is to walk it.

We finished the night with a massive pillow fight.

Take cover....

The boys finished out the fighting with two girls under the covers and another cowering in the bathroom.

We don't make a big deal of gifts in our family; each child buys small gifts for each other and also gets one from us. We relaxed all Christmas day then spent the evening with friends playing ping pong, Speed Scrabble and Pictionary.


  1. Love the whole night! I cannot ever buy a deep fryer - that would kill me outright I would use it so often! LOL Love the pillow fight! Did you go to Dove Court? Some Christmas that you are in the Bay Area I will have to tell you about this street in San Carlos - AMAZING lights. This one house had 770,000 lights all run on solar. It was incredible. I didn't know the zoo did lights. How fun!

    Love you!

  2. LOL Kate, the deep fryer stays hidden away except for like 3 times a year. :-) And yes, that was Dove court. That house in San Carlos sounds really year I will have to check it out. And the zoo was fun but the only reason we went was because we had the would NOT have been worth it if you were paying to get in. Love you too!

  3. What a sweet holiday for you and your kids. So glad it was blessed.

  4. Thank you so much, Melissa. Have a blessed week!


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