Birthday Girl

It has happened again; another birthday. And this time it is Dasher. She is now a big 10, which means I now have 3 children in double digits. Dasher is such a joy to us and I thought I would share more of her personality with you.

She loves to laugh. For being our munchkin girl, she has the deepest belly laugh in our family.

She also has the longest eyelashes of us all. With those eyes she is a great finder-of-lost-things; so much so, that when someone misplaces something we all turn to her to help find it.

She loves to have fun. Having an older brother and sister have given her a tougher personality; and here she is, right in the middle of a snowball fight.

She really loves animals so 4-H has been a good fit with her. And she is the one who will pick up almost any bug and carry it around for a while.

She brings a bright light of joy into our family. Many times she can find the humor in different daily situations and never fails to make me laugh.

She is also my crazy monkey girl. Seeing these kind of antics at the park is a normal thing with this child.

My sweet Dasher; I pray that you would continue to follow the Lord with all your heart, and that He would continue to lead you. I am so thankful for your smile, sweetness and hugs. Happy Birthday, my new 10 year old!


  1. LOVED this post, Charlotte! Beautiful, beautiful girl.
    Happy 10th Birthday, Dasher!

  2. Thanks so much, Stef! I passed along your message to her. :-)

  3. I *love* Dasher's smile. It is so genuine and full of joy. Seeing her smile always makes me smile back. I am so glad to be able to spend time with her on a regular basis!


  4. Thanks, Nancy! We are so glad you are a part our lives too. :-)


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