Apples, Snow and Trees

The day after Thanksgiving was a fun one. We headed up into the foothills near us to a place called Apple Hill. This is a really fun area where about 40 different apple farms sell everything and anything apple. It has become a yearly tradition for our family to head up there at least once or twice a year to get our apple fix. And we do have our favorite farms where we get different munchies.

First was Rainbow Orchards and their Apple Donuts.

Next was High Hill and fresh Apple Cider. This stuff tastes just like you are drinking an apple.

Then we went to Boa Vista for Caramel Apples. They even had Apple Wine tasting! Hmmm, it was a little too sweet for me, but they had a good Syrah that I liked.

Of course we had to buy some apples....

All along the way we had seen hints of snow under the trees so we headed up the hill just a little further until we saw this:

 We all jumped out and started to play in the white stuff.

This is what I saw when I got out of the car with my camera.

Sneaky girl. Go get your dad. My excuse is my expensive camera.

It didn't take long for the battle lines to get drawn....

Don't mess with my Sweetie.


Dasher was right in the middle of the fight too.

And if I saw this coming at me out of the corner of my eye, I would cover vital body parts too.

There's nothing like a face full of wet snow.

Meanwhile, Mr. Lego was off into the trees to plan another ambush.

There wasn't much of it, but plenty to have a snow fight.

Then we came back down the hill, driving right by all the U-Pick Tree Farms for $79.99, to Home Depot, where for $24.99 we got ourselves a winner.

Exactly 1 hour later, this was in our living room.

To me, Christmas is for my children, so I let them decorate everything, including the tree.

Now we are looking forward to caroling, hot chocolate, Christmas parties, warm fires and seeing family!


  1. What a fabulous day! Those donuts look so perfect right now. :)
    I love the photo of Dasher with the huge snowball, in her bright pink & purple.

  2. How sweet, Charlotte! :) I love the shot of Emma laughing!

  3. Looks like SO much fun!! I've never been to Apple Farm, but Jason's extended family goes every year, the day after Thanksgiving as well!
    You probably saw them and just don't know it :)

    The snow fight looks like it was a hit! {no pun intended}
    I loved how your husband was totally getting into it. When I see Jason do that it makes me suddenly see how much Ethan is so much like Daddy.

    We let our kids decorate the tree too! I had no idea how rare that is. Most of our friends who've come over to see our "heavily decorated to one side and one level" tree act so surprised. "why do you let them make your tree look so funny?"
    I just don't care enough I guess :)

  4. Thanks, everyone. I had a fun time taking the photos of the snow fight.

    Stef, I am the only one I know that does that too! My parents let Liz and I decorate the tree, (probably because my mom couldn't) and I have such fun memories of doing it that I love my kids to decorate it too.


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