Life is good. And life moves fast. I really cannot believe that Thanksgiving is next week. Just like I really cannot believe that in 2 1/2 months I will have a 14 year old. I love having this blog and updating photos, my thoughts, happenings, and milestones. But I have a priority list and while blogging is on there, it is not near the top at all.

So I thought I would share my priorities and why they are in the order that they are in.

I am a child of God. Saved by His grace alone, when all I deserve is His wrath and curse. So my first priority is spending time in the Word, in prayer and in glorifying and enjoying Him. I try, every weekday morning, to spend some time praying and reading the Bible. I also desire to make prayer and Bible study a deliberate, daily commitment for my children also.

I am a wife. To the most wonderful man in the world. (Obviously, I am biased.) My second priority in life is to be my Sweetie's helpmeet. To honor him, submit to him and encourage him as we walk together. I love spending time with him, playing ping-pong, talking about food, travel and our daily happenings. I want to be more interested in his well being; making my relationship with him a priority.

I am a mother. To the 4 most beautiful children in the world. (Sorry, another biased sentence.) I love training them, teaching them, playing with them and seeing their faces light up each day. Yes, there are hard days, but the good days far outweigh the bad ones.

I am a teacher. I really love homeschooling. I think back to when my son was doing Kindergarten work and the two little girls would play at the table while we did, things change. We are in the heat of it now; with an 8th grader, 6th grader, 3rd grader and Kindergartner. (I don't usually put my kids in a 'grade', but most people think that way, so that is where they would be.) And even though I was homeschooled, I still learn so much, everyday. I love the co-op we are in and the families we share our time with there, and all the efforts the moms put into teaching the children.

I am a housewife/laundress/cook/gardener/driver/money-saving shopper/organizer. I love being home. I love cleaning the kitchen, figuring out the kids chore schedule, making dinners, growing tomatoes, folding laundry, (but hanging it up is not on the favorites list) sweeping floors and finding the best grocery deals.

I am a friend. I have so many wonderful friends. I love our church and the ladies that I know there that encourage me, pray for me and make me laugh. Our extended family is also special to me and lots of fun to be with.

I am a photographer. I am not a professional or anything, but this is my hobby. And I do feel that it is important for a mom to have one. I love learning more about my camera, catching candid shots of my kiddos, and every now and then heading outside to get some cool photos.

I am a writer/blogger. Every now and then I write reviews for this magazine. And I do have deadlines; which are good for me, but they fill in my schedule. I also love blogging, but see how far down the list this is? If it wasn't for my Monday Musings, I am not sure how much blogging I would actually do.

I am a reader/Sudoku-solver/photo editor/knitter/crocheter/tea drinker. And this is what I do in my free time. When I get some. I love reading; in fact I sometimes prop a book up against the laundry pile when I am folding it. Knitting and crocheting might happen in the evenings, tea drinking really happens all the time and Sudoku is a fun treat.

Obviously, some of these can change in order of importance. Like needing to get the kitchen clean instead of doing history because co-op is at my house that day. But the top three are usually in that order and should really stay in that order. This list also explains why I don't blog that much; and try to stay off the computer except for quick blog/Facebook reading in the morning.  This was a great reminder for me; to write out my priorities and the reasons why they are important. I encourage you to evaluate your priorities, figure out what order they are in and why they are important to you.


  1. I loved this post, Charlotte! What a great idea.

  2. This is really good, Charlotte. Thank you!
    (I always put the folded laundry away & then just leave the "to be hung" clothes over the foot of my bed forever. So strange. What is so bad about hanging clothes up. Ha!)

  3. Thanks you guys....

    Erin, I usually put our 'hanging' clothes over the rocking chair in our room and try to hang those periodically, but the girls hanging clothes (which is so much because they love to wear dresses), I lay over their toy baskets. When that pile reaches the window I know I need to get in there and do some hanging....

    This was a good thing for me to do this week....I realized that my husband has been making his own lunch while I am having computer time. Priorities....

  4. Dear Friend,

    I have always admired your blog! You do such a wonderful job expressing yourself and encouraging others with your thoughts and insight. But I can also relate to the struggle with priorities, and I am a wimp compared to you! My blogging life was very shortlived, but I have no regrets. I have been trying to keep life simple and stay focused on my Godly priorities. My list is very similar to yours, though probably shorter.

    I just love you and your sweet ones, and I feel so blessed to spend time with you. Our co-op is definitely a high priority for me.

    Love and hugs,


  5. Oh Nancy, I so love your friendship too! I do hope that this post didn't make it sound like I always have it together and remember my priorities; on the contrary, I really needed to write this out to remind myself what is important.

    Yesterday was such an encouraging afternoon with the ladies; thank you for your sweet words.


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