Monday Musings

What I'm thinking: That I love the sunlight. It really helps me get up in the morning when the sun is shining. I also love standing in the sun on a cold day. That is another reason why I don't think I would do very well in the north.

What I'm reading: I am starting to read Family Driven Faith by Voddie Baucham Jr. this week. I have a review due next month for this book and I need to get on it....

What I'm listening to: Christmas Music. Yup, it is now that time of year. And right now it is Fernando Ortega's Angels We Have Heard On High.

What we're learning: Back to school this week. We will be learning about the Tang Dynasty and the birth and spread of Islam in history. In science the children will be learning about marsupials and we are onto question #26 in the Shorter Catechism.

What I'm watching: Over the weekend we watched The Two Towers and Return of the King. ROTK is the only movie that still makes me cry; every single time I see the ending.

What's cooking: Yesterday we finished off the 18 pound turkey with homemade Turkey Soup. Later this week I am planning to make another soup favorite; Meatball Soup. 'Tis the season for warm soup!

What I'm buying: I don't have any buying planned this week except for my weekly run to get vegetables and perishables.

What I'm thankful for: Even though the last few days have caused us to remember the blessings in our lives, I still am thankful for those harder times when the Lord is sanctifying me through my trials.

What I'm creating: Pretty portraits. I am really, really stumped by one of my photography assignments: getting the right light (3:1 ratio) on someones face. And since it is sunny now I can get outside and work on this later today....

What I'm praying: That I would not trust in the material gifts God has blessed me with, but in God alone.

What I'm planning: This week we have co-op at my house. I am teaching about the continents and the geography of California with the younger ones and then reviewing Spanish expansion and writing references with the older children.

What we did this last weekend: We had a great Thanksgiving weekend and I am planning a blog post about it. But to recap....eating, walks, Christmas tree, apples, hot chocolate, eating, snow, baseball, lights, eating....

What I'm looking forward to: We have a normal school week this week. Then we have another church dance practice this week and I cannot believe it is going to be December this Wednesday.

A picture to share:

~Oh yeah, baby.


  1. Did NOT know there was a dance practice...

    Too many things already and it is only Monday. LOL Missed you yesterday!


  2. Your perspective really helps me. I always love reading these blog posts!


  3. I didn't know either Kate until they announced it yesterday! Totally hear you about this week... :-)

    Thank you so much Hannah! I saw you all morning yesterday but we never got a chance to talk. Soon, though!


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