Monday Musings

What I'm thinking: That I have great kids. Right now I am enjoying a nice cup of coffee courtesy of Mr. Lego and smelling yummy waffles courtesy of Nutsy and Dasher. That's the way to start a Monday.

What I'm reading: The kids and I checked this book out at the library this last week. It is a snapshot of 30 different families from all over the world and all the possessions they own. Two other companion books are this one and this one; the one about the food they eat being our favorite.

What I'm listening to: We are serious bandwagon jumpers and have been listening to the World Series on the radio. I really like 'watching' sports this way; you can still do things around the house and not be glued to the TV. Although we did turn it on Thursday to see that crazy last inning.

What we're learning: We are learning about the Dark Ages, King Arthur and his knights, and Justinian I and Theodora in history this week. The kids LOVE our logic curriculum, The Red Herring Mysteries, and we are starting a new unit in our co-op, the Spanish Expansion of California.

What I'm watching: Over the weekend we all watched The Music Man, and sang along with 76 Trombones, Lyda Rose, and The Wells Fargo Wagon.

What's cooking: Tonight I am making Cheesy Noodle Beef Casserole from my Cooking Light cookbook.

What I'm buying: We are going to go out and get some discounted candy later this week....Reese's and Butterfingers are the family favorites.

What I'm thankful for: For our health. So far this fall we have been pretty healthy. I know colds will be coming soon, but it is nice to not be sick.

What I'm creating: An organized home! Six of us living in a house that is less than 1500 square feet really forces us to purge every now and then. Which is a good thing. So after 5 garbage bags, 3 bags to Goodwill and another bag of things to take to friends, I feel much better and the house feels much less cluttered.

What I'm praying: That my prayers would be real. Not just words I recite, but a true opening up of my heart to God.

What I'm planning: My month of co-op teaching. My unit is on Spanish Expansion and is about Junipero Serra, Portola and Anza's expedition. There is not too much information out there about this and I am having a hard time filling 4 teaching periods (for two different age groups!) with stuff for the kids to do. Anyone have any ideas?

What we did this last weekend: Organizing the house is like dominoes....once you get started it is hard to stop. So we spent some of our Saturday doing some deep cleaning. Then yesterday was Reformation Day! We heard a good sermon on prayer from I Thessalonians, then a lot of people from our church went to a park for fellowship, food and fun games. Like pin-the-thesis on the door, and a three-legged race to throw the indulgences in the bucket. Then over to a friends house for more great fellowship.

What I'm looking forward to: We have co-op this Wednesday at our house, and that is about all I have planned for this week. I am also really hoping that one of our rabbits has babies this week....the kids really need to sell some more rabbits.

A picture to share:

Two photos this week: 


and after. :-)


  1. I love this. I just love it!


  2. Hey Charlotte, about the 4 class times and filling them ---

    What about filling only 3 and doing something different for the fourth? Have the kids watch something educational-ish? Or, (OK and this may be a big one, but..) what about having the older kids divided into 2 groups and work on making a (simplified) mission? I have one mission kit (paper).

    I'd plan for 3 and do something filler for the fourth. I had a hard time doing 3 lessons from my unit since it was only 2 in the book.

    As for the little ones, coloring, Jim Weiss CDs, etc. I think coloring while listening to a CD is a GREAT idear....hehe

  3. Dawn, I would love to have the kids do a Mission. I am just not sure if we could do it in one session. I went to Michaels yesterday and they wanted $29 for the mission frame ALONE, plus you would want to buy all the little things you stick in it. Crazy, but no thanks. So I would have to design it myself and all the pieces....I am not sure if I can tackle that with the holidays.

    Nancy and I were talking about me taking one of her chapters....she has 5 of them and only 3 weeks. And her first chapter is on Mission Life which would fit nicely into my unit.

    I am finally all planned out for tomorrow!! :-)

  4. *Nancy and I were talking about me taking one of her chapters....she has 5 of them and only 3 weeks. And her first chapter is on Mission Life which would fit nicely into my unit.*

    That's perfect! :)


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