My 11 Year Old Girl

We had another birthday last week....I am telling you, I am getting really tired of my kiddos growing up so fast. And as I looked through my picture files to find some of Bookworm from this last year to share with you, I started to feel a little older too. I know that all things have seasons and times....I just don't want my parenting/baby years to end!

Enough whining.....onto more important things.

Bookworm, you are such an exuberant young lady. I love the joy you have and show so vividly on your face.

You love to help others, and do extra things when you see a need. You are my number one helper in the kitchen and love making Miso, brownies and cornbread.

And your other nickname, Sweet Tooth, is so appropriate.  Having sweets at any time of day is just fine with you.

I love the clothes you choose to wear. You love looking feminine and pretty, and are almost always seen in a skirt. You love the country, animals and doing jobs in the kitchen.

 You have a sweet spirit with your friends and love to laugh with them. You make friends easily and try to make sure no one is left out.

Of course you love to read....many times I have to tell you to stop reading and go do something else. You also love knitting and creating crocheted flowers.

You are quite adventuresome! If there is a tree, you'll climb as high as you can go. That's why you always wear leggings under your skirts; you never know when you will come across a tree that needs to be conquered.

I love you so much, my sweet girl! May God continue to draw you nearer to Him in the coming year and may you continue to grow in His grace.


  1. she's so beautiful! Happy 11th Birthday!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Bookworm! Our family is blessed by your sweet spirit and heart for others. :) Your mommy described you so well. Thank you for being such a kind friend to my girls. :)

  3. What a beautiful post for a beautiful young lady!


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