Monday Musings

What I'm thinking: That I love tea. A couple weeks ago a friend and I went to this store at a local mall and had such a good time smelling the different teas. (It was like wine tasting!) It is a pricey place, but a nice treat once in a while. So this morning I am enjoying a cup of some stuff I bought there; Aztec Fire.

What I'm reading: I am reading through parts of His California Story, in preparation of my month of co-op teaching. I am also using an old book I used when I was homeschooled called A Child's History of California by Enola Flower, copyrighted in 1955.

What I'm listening to: The kids playing with a dog. No we did not buy one....I am not a doggy person....but our neighbor was gone all day today and asked us to watch their little wiener dog. The kids are loving it.

What we're learning: About St. Augustine of Hippo and Jerome and the Vulgate in history, carnivorous mammals in science, then a couple of presentations in co-op: Mr. Lego is doing one about anchors and Bookworm is going to make and talk about hard tack.

What I'm watching: A big change in the weather. Two days ago I was wearing summer clothes and it was 85 degrees; this morning it is foggy/cloudy/drizzly and 53 degrees. What happened to Fall?

What's cooking: Tomorrow I am making Mexican Lasagna from PW's site. Yum.

What I'm buying: Over the weekend I bought 8 pounds of very ripe tomatoes for $4. I am planning a blog post with what I am doing with those tomatoes later this week.

What I'm thankful for: My husband. He is such a faithful provider, is my best friend and gives great back rubs. I love you, Sweetie.

What I'm creating: Apple treats. I still have lots of apples from my dad's tree that I need to use up....any ideas for things I can make that I can freeze?

What I'm praying: For my children's future mates. No, I am not into matchmaking and I have no idea who these 4 people might be, but I am praying that God would lead them close to Him and extent to them His grace and mercy.

What I'm planning: To have a houseful this week as we have the cousins coming for a visit.  We'll do all our normal stuff with two more kiddos in the mix.

What we did this last weekend: We went to a nearby farm and rode the ponies that my friend had there, heard a great sermon yesterday morning, then over to a friends house for some great fellowship.

What I'm looking forward to: We have two 4-H meetings this week, and then we are also planning to attend a debate; our friend Marcel Weiland is running for state senate and is debating his opponent later this week at Sac State, so if you live in the area check it out and come if you can.

A picture to share:

 ~Dasher and a friend at a party we went to last week.


  1. I LOVED this! I agree with you that tea is a delightful treat; your "I am not a doggy person." was very funny; your Mexican Lasagna sounds marvelous; I look forward to hearing what you are going to do with your tomatoes; what you said about your husband was *SO* sweet; I think you should make Applesauce or Apple Butter--which are both excellent treats to bring out in winter and applesauce is very easy; and that picture of Emma and Ashley is just lovely! Thank you so much for letting me use your camera; I just delight in taking pictures with it!

    By the way, I wanted to also thank you for our (however brief) discussion on Sunday. I love you so much and *always* enjoy our conversations. It was special to me.

    Your loving friend,

    Hannah Grace

  2. Love the picture! Emma will too. :)

    We are going to the debate too. Glad you will be there!

    Thanks for coming out to visit. It always makes the day so much nicer!


  3. From the very start of this post, I started drooling for tea. Thanks. ;)
    As for apple things... I am using up an overabundance this week as well, making apple muffins and apple scones for the freezer.
    Lastly, it delights and encourages me that you pray for the future spouses of your children. We do that for our little boy, too, but I need to remember to do it more often. Thanks for the reminder to faithfulness in that!

  4. Hannah, you are so dear to me; thank you for being my friend. Our talk on Sunday was much too short....

    Kate, so glad you are going to the debate too!

    Melissa, apple scones would be a good idea! I am also looking for breakfast ideas that I can freeze for quick breakfasts and apple scones would be lovely!

    Hugs to you all!

  5. Aztec Fire is one of our favorites! Kevin also likes tea. :-)


  6. Nancy, I was really surprised at how much Aztec Fire reminded me of a black tea, which I love, but is herbal so is caffeine free! I have to watch myself in that store.... :-)


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