Monday Musings

What I'm thinking: That I have missed 2 Monday Musings and that I depend on my computer too much. Two weeks ago we were with the grandparents for a couple days and then last week my computer was down with a virus. (It's flu season.) Not having access to my computer last week was not fun...I didn't miss Facebook or blog reading that much, but all my school docs on Word. My co-op notes, writing worksheets and our e-science notebooks are all on there. And completely unaccessible when the computer is down.

What I'm reading: The last book I read was Trial and Triumph: Stories From Church History by Richard M Hannula. I am previewing it for school and seeing what parts I will have the older children read.

What I'm listening to: The kids decided to put on the soundtrack from Hello Dolly! this morning so I am listening to "Take the someone whose arms you're in, hold onto her tight and spin....."

What we're learning: Diocletian and Constantine I in history, Shorter Catechism question #21, and Spanish explorers in our co-op.

What I'm watching: My two little girls making themselves beds on the living room sofas. Very cozy-looking ones with pillows, blankets and stuffed animals.

What's cooking: Tonight it is Chicken Broccoli Fettuccine with a loaf of french bread.

What I'm buying: Monthly shopping is this week so I am checking out what things we are low on and what I need to put on the shopping list.

What I'm thankful for: That the virus on our computer was fairly easy to get rid of. And that we didn't loose any documents or photos!

What I'm creating: I have photos from this last weekend to edit, and others I need to post on Facebook later today from our beach/camping trip.

What I'm praying: For my friend who has lung cancer and is going through aggressive treatment. That she would have strength to get through the hard days, for the doctors to have wisdom, and that the Lord would give her precious children and husband peace through this time.

What I'm planning: I need to get on the ball and start planning my month of teaching in co-op. I am still in denial and think it is not October yet, so I really need to get moving with it.

What we did this last weekend: Saturday, our co-op went to a living history day at the California gold discovery site. There was so much for them to learn and do there! Yesterday we went to church and Sunday school, then after that we went with a few families to a park for a picnic lunch and to hang out. We played volleyball until it was too dark to see the ball....

What I'm looking forward to: Our family is going to a dear friend's birthday party later this week, which is going to be an evening of fun and frolic, according to her invitation. Our 4-H club meeting is this week and we also have a trip to an historic site as part of the Citizenship Project they are in. Looks like a fun filled, busy week!

A picture to share:

 ~Taken a couple weeks ago on our beach trip as the fog was rolling in....


  1. Welcome back! I've missed your Monday Musings. Your camping/beach pictures on FB were SO fun to look through! Mr. Lego looks like he got pretty beaten up by the coral :(
    Ethan was impressed with how brave he looked :)

  2. Thanks Stef! He did get pretty beat up....I realized later he probably should have gotten a couple stitches on his leg (it was gaping open a little and would still bleed a week later...) but it is going to give him a great scar!

  3. WOW!! How scary! Yes, the scar will be something he can take with him forever and continue telling the story as he gets older. I have a few of those from falling out of trees :)


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