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 So because of the computer virus thing and all, I am going to write not only about my last week of this challenge, but also my observations about the whole thing and where I go from here.

Day 1 - Got up at 6am. Did all the things I needed to do...slacked a little bit with the exercise and only spent about 7 minutes on the bike. I was really tired in the afternoon and could have taken a little nappy if I didn't have a couple errands to run.

Day 2 - Had trouble sleeping the night before....I'll leave that child I kept hitting the snooze button until 6:40. I did have my Bible time and computer time, got everyone up and started school on time. Another observation: it is now dark at 6am. Yuck.

Day 3 - I had my Sweetie wake me up this morning....he let me sleep in until 6:30. I think he felt bad about waking up his sleeping wife, so he gave me extra time....another reason why I love him so much. I had a busier day so exercise got bumped today.

Day 4 - The kids got up when I did this morning! Some mornings they do this...I realized that I get up faster and more easily when others are up too. Had Bible time, computer time and spent 20 minutes on the bike. I was pretty tired this evening and could have gone to bed at 9pm.

Day 5 - I intentionally set my alarm for 6:30am. I had my Bible time, did some stuff with weights for exercise and got the kiddos up. My challenge is done! Does this mean I get to sleep in now? below. 

 My Observations

When I set out to spend a month waking up at 6am, I was not trying to find new ways to torture myself, but to make the best use of the time God has given me. 

I learned many new things about myself, and how my body functions.  For the most part, I did get up when the alarm blasted in my ear. Of course it would take me about 5 minutes to even figure out in what direction the bathroom was, but at least I was getting up on time. I consistently spent every day in the Word, which I am ashamed to say, has been very hard for me in the past. The one area that I think I could have done much better on was the exercise. Even on the mornings when I would drag myself out to the garage, I felt like I was only putting 50% into it. With my daily schedule the way it is, I really can only work out in the mornings so I will need to work on being more consistent with this. Having my half hour of computer time right in the morning was a great thing; it sure kept me from blog checking later in the day when I should have been correcting a math lesson or preparing dinner. And the kids got up when I wanted them to (for the most part), got themselves ready and most every morning we started school on time.

So now what? I want to continue this, but I am going to make a few tweaks. First, I am changing my wake up time to 6:30. 6am was really, really hard; especially the last couple weeks when it would be dark outside. (I really don't think our bodies were meant to be wakened while it is dark!) When I did wake up at 6:30 during this challenge, I noticed I woke up faster and was not as tired earlier in the evenings. I adjusted my morning schedule and will still have time to get everything in. Another change: have the kids use their alarm clocks. They own them, they sit on their bedside tables (Bookworm puts hers in a new hiding place every night so she has to find it while it is going off), but many times they conveniently forget to set them the night before. (But at least two Saturdays this month, we were all serenaded by a rogue alarm at 7am.) I am really going to reinforce that they use their alarms to get up. Of course I will need to gently remind them at times to get out of bed or else I am coming up with ice water.... That threat works every time.

And finally I want to say thank you to you all, my readers. All four of you. There were many mornings when I wanted to roll over and go back to sleep for a couple of hours. But then I knew I would have to write about it and you all would know that I am a lazy sleepyhead. Really, if I was doing this on my own with no one else knowing about it, I doubt I would have finished the challenge. So thanks for keeping me accountable this month and listening to me ramble on. Onto to profitable, well spent mornings!


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