Up In The Wild Blue Yonder

Our family loves to listen to the local Christian radio station. Most of the songs on there are good, and occasionally they have call-in contests. Well Mr. Lego loves calling in and winning things. And up until last week, had only ever won 2 Veggie Tale DVD's. Not completely our cup of tea. But then last week he won a really great prize....4 tickets to a local airshow!

So off we went.....

We saw lots of things like this....

The F-22 flew by and opened his missile doors so you could see what the bad guys see after the missile falls.

Of course there were cockpits to sit in....

And Navigators to talk too.....

And this....can you see the hand prints on the whatever thingy is inside the engine?

If anyone knows why there would be hand prints on that I would love to know....

This was a fun show....the Jelly Belly Airplane landed on the shortest runway in the world; the top of that moving truck. It took him three tries but he finally did it.

Both Fed Ex and UPS had big planes there....right next to each other. We joked about what kind of craziness would have happened if they had been given water balloons and what kind of fight we would have seen. We went in both planes...Fed Ex gave out stickers and let us sit in the cockpit, while UPS let the kids run around like crazy in their cargo hold and go in the cockpit.

The smallest UPS truck I have ever seen. Mr. Lego had the bright idea of putting his Fed Ex sticker right on the steering wheel, but we talked him out of it.

Another cockpit....this one with sweet little girlies inside.

Another humongous engine with 4 cute kids in front of it. I kind of like this photo, because it makes my kiddos look smaller then they really are.

This was a common sight.....everyone set up their chairs and sat under the wings of all the airplanes for some shade. This is California and we were having a 97 degree day that day.

The local precision flying group; The Patriots.

This was a great outing for our family and one I am thankful we got to go on!


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