Monday Musings

What I'm thinking: That my blog posts are piling up. I have a post about the airshow we went to last week, homemade freezer tomato sauce, our co-op's field trip and of course my Joy in the Morning update. Maybe I will have time later today....with the start of our schooling, life has suddenly sped up. This blog is a bit down on the priority list....I'm a wife, mother, housecleaner and cook before I am a blogger.

What I'm reading: This last week I previewed another historical fiction book for school, and read reviews about a new spelling curriculum we are going to go with.

What I'm listening to: Silence. Absolute silence. I'm up before everyone (everyone except my Sweetie, who was up before me and gone to work), writing this blog post.

What we're learning: Our school week is shortened this week; we will be learning about Masada in history and squirrels are the focus of our co-op's weekly nature study. I did decide to change our grammar we are back to Shurley English, and I have decided to go with Spelling Power, obviously for spelling.

What I'm watching: The sky turn pink. This is when I wish we lived in the country and I could see the sun come over the horizon. But it will hit my kitchen windows in about 25 minutes....

What's cooking: I'm making Rotisserie Style Chicken in my crockpot from Make it Fast, Cook it Slow tomorrow. I'll make roasted potatoes and carrots and a salad to go with it.

What I'm buying: Stuff for our adventure later this week. More on that below.

What I'm thankful for: That God is on control. Our pastor said something very profound in the sermon yesterday: If we were as wise as God and knew everything that He knows, we would not change anything about our trials or the troubled times we go through, because what He wills for us is perfect.

What I'm creating: I made homemade tomato sauce last I need a recipe that calls for it so I can see how it turned out.

What I'm praying: For those I know who are struggling with health issues: A mom in our congregation begins cancer treatments today, another lady is in the middle of her radiation treatments, and 2 other friends that are struggling with chronic pain and back problems.

What we did this last weekend: We did some work around the house on Saturday, then spent the afternoon with friends yesterday before heading to our monthly evening service. Our pastor is going to spend the year preaching through Ecclesiastes in the evenings.

What I'm looking forward to: We are going camping this week to the beach! And then we will extend our stay in the area with a visit to the grandparents.

A picture to share:

~Our co-op on a field trip to a nearby Indian Interpretive Center.


  1. I like how you said you're listening to 'absolute' silence. Sounds glorious :)
    Also, blog posts piling up... yes, I know this all too well. think mine have finally all been posted, but the pet store one was shamefully late. I think it was in early August!

    Every time you post one of these I remember I need to get back into posting Tuesday Tidbits :)

  2. Fun! We are visiting our grandparents on Wednesday, then going down to the camp ground on Thursday!

  3. @Stef, that absolute silence is priceless...for now. I know it will drive me crazy in about 20 years. :-)

    And I would love to see a Tuesday Tidbit!

    @Anonymous, I know who you are. And we can't wait to see you Thursday!! Bring on the dirt!

  4. Tell me how the Rotisserie-Style Chicken turns out, please! That is one recipe I haven't tried. I liked this post--everything about it!

  5. Thank you so much, Hannah!

    The Rotisserie Style Chicken came out SO good! My Sweetie thought it was the best roasted chicken I had made. The recipe is a little more labor intensive because you skin the whole chicken. But it makes it much more healthier! I made the roasted carrots and potatoes, salad and then at the last minute I made a gravy with the good stuff that was in the bottom of the crockpot.

    Love you too! :-)


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