A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court

I was looking at my blog recently and realized that with the busyness of the end of the summer, I forgot to blog about the play the two older ones were in at the beginning of August. Sorry, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and anyone else who is interested.

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court is written by Mark Twain and is a humorous account of a boy who gets transported back into the Middle Ages. The play that this bunch of fine homeschoolers did was adapted to modern times and had nice and easy English; a welcome change from last years' Shakespearean language.

Mr. Lego was a bully named Hercules.

Those are supposed to be tattoos on his arms, although I don't think he would have gotten through the school door if he had had them. But it still makes him look mean.

Bookworm was the lady-in-waiting to Queen Guenevere.

Lovely ladies.

I took photographs for the cast and while I was waiting for some of them to get made up I had fun with my camera.

Mr. Lego's part was only in the beginning; he was in the modern part and he and Hank, the main character, get into a fight.

Here the teacher is telling them to behave.

Finally Hercules has had enough and wallops one to Hank.

The hit looked and sounded pretty realistic too. This big punch sends Hank back into time and King Arthur's Court.

Bookworm was ready and played her part well. Here she is with the other members of the court, including Sir Lancelot, Lady Alisande and Lady Dinadin.

That is pretty much the extent of  their parts; but I don't want to leave you hanging so I will tell you what happens in the story.

Hank fights Sir Lancelot and wins, then predicts the sun's eclipse which convinces King Arthur to make him a knight.

Bookworm does make another stage appearance with Queen Guenevere to announce the second act.

In the second half, a year has passed in Camelot and Hank has made modern changes. Merlin and Morgan le Fey don't like this and plot to kill him.

They trap him, strike him down and use a spell to send him back to modern times.

And that's the story! These kids did everything....costumes, stunts, props, hair and make-up. During the second act, Mr. Lego was part of the stage crew.

I am so glad that the two older ones had the opportunity to be involved in this play with such fun young people.


  1. This looks like it was a lot of fun! Like putting all the fun, pretend play to good use! :)
    I can't get over how Mr. Lego really looks like he's punching that guy. Also, I think its cute that even made up as a bully, you can tell he's still a sweetheart :-)

    These were fun pictures!

  2. These are such great photos, Charlotte! Great post!


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