Monday Musings

What I'm thinking: That I love my precious babies so much. And even though my oldest is 3 inches taller than me, they are all still my babies. (Just don't tell him that.)

What I'm reading:
It's August now, right? And my 12 books in 12 months was supposed to be done this month. And since I don't think I can read 4 hefty books (one with 518 pages) in the next month, I now realize I can't make my deadline. But that doesn't mean I am quitting. I am just going to change the 12 books thinkgy on my sidebar to Books I Am Planning To Read....

What I'm listening to:
Complete silence at this very moment.....which I am sure is to change very soon. Some kids are outside taking care of the rabbits, others are upstairs being very quiet. I need to go see what is going on upstairs....

What we're learning:
This last weekend the 3 older ones recited Psalm 1 and a poem at our church's talent show. Another reminder of how much I appreciate our co-op and that our formal schooling will be starting up again soon.

What I'm watching:
My garden's harvest. We are getting a couple zucchini every few days, the tomatoes are in full harvest and I was happy to find 3 baby cuks out there over the weekend.

What's cooking:
Camping food is on my mind right now. For the dinners, all the campers pitch in and bring side dishes, but I am going to buy those not-so-good-for-you Cup of Noodles, snacks and sandwich stuff for lunches.

What I'm buying:
I need to order some school materials this week; I am buying most of my stuff from this great site.

What I'm thankful for:
The lovely weather we have been having. Seriously, the last few days it has been only in the low 90's and high 80's and yesterday we had a very nice breeze. But I am sure we have hotter temps coming soon.

What I'm creating: Pretty pictures. I am planning to edit some photos later today from the play the kids were in. I finally bought Photoshop Elements and am having fun manipulating the photos.

What I'm praying:
That I would daily be reminded of the awesome work of Christs' death; that He took God's wrath which was meant for me on Himself .

What I'm planning:
We are going on our annual church camping trip this week. So that means I have to dig out the grubby clothes for the kids, dust off all the camping stuff and go buy lots of marshmallows at the store. I don't want to run out of them like I did last year.

What we did this last weekend: The kids did a great job in the play on Friday, on Saturday we remodeled the rabbitry, then after a powerful sermon and the talent show on Sunday we spent the afternoon at a park playing soccer and volleyball with friends.

What I'm looking forward to:
Our camping trip will be fun for sure....we always have something crazy happen so we will see what it is this year.

A picture to share:

~The Matres Magistres Co-op reciting Psalm 1 and The Months.


  1. we had such a great time at the park too!! We are so looking forward to the camp out, and I always give myself permission to feed the kids "not so healthy" food for the short period in favor of lots of FRIEND time..

  2. Love the picture, Charlotte!

    Looking forward to Wednesday too!! :+)


  3. We are hoping to go camping this year! A church camp out sounds fun!

  4. The park was so fun, Tamara! We need to take Volleyball lessons.

    I can't wait for camping too!!

    Erin, you are near so many good campgrounds..we are actually going to camp near San Gregorio in September....


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