Family Reunion 2010

Last week our family drove up into Oregon where most of my extended family lives. It was only for 4 days but we packed in a ton of fun stuff to do.The kids had fun playing in the backyard....

The bubble toys were a big hit.

That first night we had burgers for dinner. The only place where we can all eat together is in my Aunt's backyard so we set up long tables and ate al fresco.

The second day we went on the river; I didn't want to make this one massive long post so I will make another blog post about that later.

That evening we had our big BBQ, with one of my cousins'-in-law (I am so bad with genealogy relationship terms) in charge of the grilling.

The grilled spiced corn was a hit.

Then we hit the pool for some friendly volleyball.

We found that volleyball is a totally different game when played in the water.

Then we heated up the coals on the grill because we are not in California anymore and once that Oregon sun goes down it gets a bit chilly.

The next day we played a fun game; Cornhole. I guess it is totally popular in the midwest and south....basically it is a glorified bean bag toss but a ton of fun.

Then back in the pool; this time with all my little grand cousins or whatever they are called.

Bookworm, swimming with the cousins.

After dinner we had the best dessert of the weekend; vanilla ice cream with fresh peaches and just-picked raspberries on top.

Then another bonfire with marshmallows because it was even chillier then the night before.

I'm thinking that Dasher got her marshmallow a little too burned for her liking.

We finished off the night with a competitive game of Cocktails; a really fun card game. Bookworm almost won it but one of my cousins snuck up in the last round and beat her.

The last day we all went to church then we started the long drive home. We planned out both our stops and beat our old record by 10 minutes.

I am so thankful for my extended family; for the hands that made the food, the minds that did the organizing and the people who made it special!


  1. Those are some great pics of your reunion.

  2. Thanks! I still have a lot about photography I need to learn and it is fun to experiment. And thanks for reading my blog...I took a peek at yours; I am a Sudoku nut too. :-)

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful time, Charlotte! :)

    Regarding 4H...we have 4 down in EG and 2 meet at times that are best for our schedule. One group combines their project meeting and group meeting into one night a month instead of 2 so I'm thinking that will be a bonus. :) They have projects for several things and the ones the girls are interested in are sewing, crafts, food, and/or gardening. They are starting a new dog obedience project group this year too, so maybe they will do that as well. :) The first meeting of the year is in Sept.

    Love ya!

  4. Dawn, that is really neat that those 4-H clubs combine their club meeting and project meeting. And sewing/crafts is a fun one! When we get tired of rabbits we would go that direction, plus add the master gardening. The neat thing is that we are in the same county so we could be at the fair together which would be really fun!

    Love ya too!


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