Family Reunion 2010 - The River

The second day of our trip was our river day so some of us went out on the boat for some tubing and skiing.

Here are the older two kiddos on the tube, waiting to get hooked on.

We even loaded up 5 of our family onto the tube at once...Mr. Boat Driver was nice and no one fell off.

After lunch it was time for the waterskiing and my Sweetie was first. He did great.

Then it was my turn. And this is it, people. That is as far up as I got. When I was much younger I would just pop up out of the water, but 4 babies later, not anymore.

Then we convinced Mr. Lego to give it a try.

On his first time....

he's up....

and off he goes!

The water totally changes when the boat goes back around and you have to ski over the wake. Here is what happened to brave Mr. Lego....

and down he went.

But he got back on the horse and was up on his second attempt.

Next it was Bookworms turn. It took a lot of convincing from Momma that she could do it.

She doesn't look too confident....

Almost up....

And she's up! Is that almost a smile?

Now that looks like a genuine smile.

All the ladies with a couple stowaways floated down the river for a while....Mr. Lego was determined to dunk a certain Aunt in the water but never succeeded.

It was late afternoon so we finally packed it all up and headed back; thank you to the B's for such a fun day!


  1. Wow, I remember water skiing days. That looks like so much fun. As to the relationships of cousins... Their spouse is just either your cousin or your cousin's (husband/wife). Their children are your cousin once removed (as are you to them), being as you are one generation apart. Then each generation becomes.. twice removed, and so forth. I hope my wisdom didn't overwhelm you too much. (I only knew this cuz I needed to know for FB and I LOVE GOOGLING!!)

  2. Thanks, Lori Ann! I always wondered what my cousins children were called and now I know! And the water skiing was fun but definitely for the younger generation. :-)


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