Monday Musings

What I'm thinking: That mosquito bites are no fun. I got about 8 of them last night and they are a bit annoying today. From my time in Indonesia, I found that if I don't itch them AT ALL for the first day, they go away in about 36 hours.

What I'm reading:
I did get to sit down this last week and read a chunk of Pride and Prejudice. I am not sure if I will get much reading done this next week though.

What I'm listening to:
My Savior, My God by Aaron Shust on the Fish. It sounded so familiar to me and last week I realized why: It is the words from the hymn I Am Not Skilled to Understand which is such an encouraging hymn!

What we're learning:
Mr. Lego is working on his play lines....the play is next week! And the girls are brushing up on their poem from co-op; our church has a talent show in a couple weeks and they are reciting it with the others from our co-op.

What I'm watching: The rabbitry becoming less crowded. Right before State Fair I got a big hutch and cage for free from a generous lady whose rabbit died, so space for the maturing males has been less of an issue. Plus we have sold 11 rabbits so far! Only 4 left to sell....

What's cooking:
I am making a chicken and rice casserole tonight, and even though I enjoy making dinner every night, I'm looking forward to a little bit of a cooking break later this week.

What I'm buying:
Nutsy needs a new pair of flip flops, we ran out of sunblock and the water dispenser is almost empty, so off to the store this afternoon I go.

What I'm thankful for:
For the leadership of my husband. And I do use the S word (submit) and try to practice it, even though there are many times when my flesh is weak.

What I'm creating:
Pretty pictures. I am editing and planning a couple of posts on my other blog.

What I'm praying:
That the Lord would give me the boldness to share the gospel with others.

What I'm planning:
Fun car games, snacks and things to do while traveling to Oregon. We will spend 16+ hours in our van later this week...

What we did this last weekend: We spent Saturday morning doing some cleaning...the girls cleaned all the window blinds and the guys washed all windows, inside and out. We heard a good sermon on sharing the gospel; then after hearing from a missionary to Uruguay in Sunday school, we headed up to our friends house for good food, fellowship and volleyball.

What I'm looking forward to:
Our family reunion is this week and I am excited to see our extended family.

A picture to share:

~Just in case you had never seen one before; here is a deep fried Twinkie. I actually liked it much better than the normal ones; the creamy middle is gooey and soft and the outside crisp and hot. And we all split this one so maybe I ingested only 100 calories?? :-)

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