Growing Garden

It is definitely summer. And the garden is growing. Which is so lovely.

I see lots of these...

and some that are even getting red.

We have enjoyed a handful of the little ones, but my eyes are on the big boppers.

I planted a zucchini in a pot and now it is producing mini zucchinis for us. This one is only about 4 inches long.

My jalapeno, I mean Mr. Lego's jalapeno plant, is doing splendidly.

We are still getting strawberries now and then too.

The lavender is blooming,

and I have lots of blossoms on the cucumbers,

but my pride and joy is my Earth Box.

There are 4 melon plants in this amazing thing and they are taking over the deck.

And there are a few baby melons on them too. How is your garden growing?


  1. Yay!! Looks so yummy. I am jealous. My lavender died. Snails ate the cucumber plants. A gopher (or possibly my youngest) did away with the corn... Luckily it was all free...

  2. Oh Linda, that stinks! This is actually one of my best garden years. Doing it in raised beds made a huge difference for us. You could still plant some late harvest stuff..... :-)


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