Giveaway Winner

So my giveaway is up and we have a winner....

We chose the highly technical method of printing out the names, putting them in a basket and then having one of the munchkins draw a name.

I had 15 entries. All of you very sweet friends and family members whom I enjoyed hearing from. I also loved hearing what you all thought of my list and would love to see a 100 Things from each of you too. :-)

So, Mr. Lego, being the tallest, held the basket aloft; while Bookworm reached in for the winning name.

Drum roll...............





Lori Ann!!

I have your address, Lori Ann and will get the gift card into the mail to you tomorrow.

Thanks for participating, everyone!


  1. So fun!! Have a fun coffee date with someone you love. :)

  2. Thank you so much, wow, I can't believe it! Now, just to make a decision on what to choose to drink! woo hoo


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