The Many Faces of Fair

In the last 3 weeks we have been to two County Fairs and our State Fair starts in 2 1/2 weeks. So Fair things have been on my mind and on my camera's memory card so bear with me and this post.

Before this year I was not really a Fair person. The admission can be pricey, the rides are basically carnival rides that are 4-5$ each (!) and after we had walked around aimlessly for an hour or two I was ready to go home. But that was before our involvement in 4-H. This seriously opened a whole new window into the world of Fair; quilts, guinea pigs, cakes, cookies, place settings (I didn't even know that competition existed), eggs and sheep are all on showcase and are judged. I also found that is doesn't cost that much if you buy your ride wristbands/tickets in advance and bring most of your food in.

Fair is many things.....

It is having a friend to go on a ride with just so you can hang onto them for dear life. (See Dasher next to her friend in the blue shirt?)

It is having a sticky, cool treat on a hot day with friends.

It is watching the sheep showmanship competition and trying to figure out what the judge is looking for.

It is having a stroller to fall asleep in.

It is getting to participate in a watermelon eating contest and getting watermelon juice all over your shirt.

It is having a grandma that goes on rides with you.

It is loving on your rabbit.

It is hanging out with your friends and being silly.

It is having a grandpa to go on rides with you.

It is being tall enough to go on the bumper cars.

It is getting to see some really pretty chickens.

It is ALL about the food.....
Cool watermelon.....

Fried zucchini.....

And those awesome funnel cakes which, like my friend said, you should only eat once every 10 years or so.

We are still not done; State Fair is coming up soon, but our family, as you can see, has had such a fun time so far this year at the fair.


  1. This was a great entry! I loved it. Thank you for only putting the funnel cake there. ;)

    We just cracked up at the sleeping babyness in the stroller. Love it.

    Love you too!

  2. my favorites:
    Stroller Sleeper
    Bunny Hugger

  3. the stroller sleeping one is priceless. She looks worn out from all the FUN. So cute!
    Also, I'm craving watermelon now...


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