The Fair - Carnival Rides

What would the fair be like without the carnival rides? And what torture that would be for the kids, walking by them for 5 days straight and not being able to tell tales about how they were?

So we decided to choose a day and get wristbands for the kids, myself and the grandparents. (My Sweetie was being a faithful provider and had to work that day.)

Mr. Lego and a friend took off and hit the nasty rides. Ones with names like Centrifuge, High Roller, Flippin' Out and Twister. Here they are getting on the Zipper:

This is the ride here (photo taken later in the day).

My dad and I went on the Zipper as our first ride of the day and we spun 4 times in a row in 6 seconds. It was a great ride. And it is a good thing I have the stomach of fighter pilot. (At least so far...)

So that is why I don't have too many pictures of Mr. Lego; he basically hung around this part of the carnival all day.

This is the cutie I was with the most that day...

We started out with the small rides....harmless little bumblebees.

Then the motorcycles....

And then my little sweet girl started looking around her and getting brave.

So she went on her first roller coaster BY HERSELF.

And she wasn't scared a bit, so she went again, and again. Then her eyes got bigger and we went on a bigger roller coaster, this one with a real dip in it.

By the 4th time she was hanging out the side to wave when she went by. This girl has no fear.

We slowed it down for a while by waiting for the merry go round....

And met up with Bookworm, Dasher and their friends.

The older girls were having a fun time going around on rides with 2 other friends and their mom.

Of course any carnival has to have a Ferris wheel. Here is Nusty and I on it together.

Now it was time for some spinning rides. And this part turned out to be Nutsy's favorite. So much so that we went on this one 10 TIMES. Yes. You read that right people. I went on this high speed spinning ride 10 times with my fearless daughter.

Of course Grandma and Grandpa got to go on a few rides together....

A side note here....ever since I can remember, my dad has worn a cowboy hat. When I was little that was how I would identify him in a crowd - by his hat, and now my kids do the same. He can usually be seen across the carnival with it on. :-)

Almost at dinner time my older kids ran up to me to show me this:

They had won 4 goldfish at a carnival game. So now they reside in an old vase on the school table.

Nutsy wrapped up her adventurous day by going on one of the highest rides at the fair, the Falling Star. (Who thinks up these names, anyway?)

Yes, she is at the top of that thing with grandma. I think the final total for her on this ride was 5 times.

We all met up at the Bumper Cars again.

This was such a fun time for the kids. It was neat to see their faces light up as they went on all the rides. And no one got least from our family. Of course we had to get cotton candy on the way out....


  1. you take excellent picture, Charlotte!
    Your kids are super cute. I couldn't get over your little one going on all those rides all by herself.
    And, it was great seeing your Dad in these pics!

  2. Thanks so much Stef. I was really playing with the shutter speed on some of them. I also enjoy seeing your extended family on your blog! I'm glad you are having a fun time visiting them!


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