The Fair - The Breed Show & Rabbit Bowl

Friday morning, at the bright and happy time of 8 AM, the breed show started at the fair. A breed show is pretty simple. A judge looks at all the rabbits in a certain breed and judges them against each other based on the Standard of Perfection, a book published every 5 years that tells every detail about every recognized breed of rabbit.

Did you know there are over 45 recognized breeds? The breed we raise are called New Zealand. Then within each breed there are different varieties. A variety is determined by color. So obviously the variety of our rabbits is white, but there are also red and black New Zealands. Some breeds like the Mini Rex, have 15 varieties!

They also divide up the varieties into classes, based on sex and age.

So Dasher's rabbit above is a New Zealand white, and is a junior (under 6 months of age) doe (female).

Don't worry if you don't get this. I still don't get this and we have been doing this for 9 months now. The judge takes out each rabbit and examines it, and since I don't know squat about any other breed than the New Zealands, I'll just explain what he is looking for in our rabbits. Our rabbits are primarily raised for meat, so 60 out of 100 points goes to the body type. Like how full the hindquarters are, if the shoulders are too long or if the loins are pinched. He will also judge the fur, color and condition of the rabbit. While he is taking out the rabbit he is talking, describing what he likes or doesn't like in this particular rabbit. He doesn't have a microphone so everyone is crowded up to hear what he says; so that is why I don't have any pictures of him judging our rabbits, I was too busy listening. But here he is judging a Mini Rex.

You know right away how your rabbit does; he places them right then and there. So that was when we knew: Every single rabbit we entered got a ribbon! (I guess I do have to also tell you that our rabbits were the only New Zealands to compete anyway. There were 2 other rabbits in our breed class but they were disqualified.)

The last thing that happened for us at fair was on Monday and that was Rabbit Bowl. This is where the kids form teams, then are asked questions about rabbits; kind of like rabbit Jeopardy. They have buzzers and everything and keep score until a team wins 10 points. Mr. Lego and Bookworm were on a team that called themselves the Bunny Brigade.

They asked some really hard questions. Like all of us adults in the stands who had been coaching our kids were getting stumped.

How many varieties does the Havana come in?

What body type is a Polish?

Where is the loin?

Don't worry, I didn't know the answer to any of the above questions, although I would have taken a good guess at the third one.

Our team did answer some correct questions and did a great job up there, but ended up in 4th place.

Great job guys!


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