Monday Musings

What I'm thinking: That we are now in fair countdown with T minus 17 days. The kids are all trying to work with their rabbits every day for showmanship, and practice up on their rabbit knowledge for Rabbit Bowl.

What I'm reading:
I am still reading the Iliad and I am also starting up Pride and Prejudice. A friend is reading it and we decided to read it together.

What I'm listening to:
Israel Kamakawiwo'ole sing songs that make me think of warm sandy beaches.

What we're learning:
Sparticus, the first Triumvirate and Julius Caesar in history, Crustaceans in science and the children are researching animals of the plains and prairies for co-op this week.

What I'm watching:
The sun trying to peek through the clouds. My feet in my warm slippers. Sweaters on the kids. Hot tea in a mug next to me. It is May 10 and 55 degrees here!

What's cooking:
Lunch is leftover Balsamic Pasta salad with mozzarella and tomatoes from yesterday, then tonight we are having Pesto Chicken with Linguine. Today turned into a big pasta day. :-)

What I'm buying:
Over the weekend we had a really nice red wine blend from Trader Joe's called Rabbit Ridge. Later today I am off to get a couple more bottles before they are all gone - $4.99 is not a bad price for a bottle.

What I'm thankful for:
The 15 rabbits that were born over the weekend. Flo (the first time mom) gave birth to 9 but 3 died, so she is the proud momma of 6; Thelma Lou was a trooper and had 9 live, big ones.

What I'm creating:
Gingerbread Lattes in the crockpot for a warm treat this morning. A dear friend gave me this book and I can't wait to try out more yummy crockpot recipes.

What I'm praying: That I will be more disciplined in the mornings. If I get going early, the kids do too.

What I'm planning:
Curriculum planning for next year. There is a used homeschooling book sale in my area this Saturday that I am hoping to find some stuff at.

What I'm looking forward to:
The two older children are giving project reports tomorrow night at our 4-H club meeting, we have co-op this week and then we are having Dinner for Six this Friday night.

A picture to share:

~The kids last week at the zoo. You can see the younger ones and their haircuts.


  1. Love that cookbook too! :) I'm wanting to try out the Brownie recipe soon!

  2. Yay for morning lattes! Sean made me a great one for Mother's Day. Love it!!


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