Monday Musings

What I'm thinking: That I really love the sun coming up so early in the mornings now. And I really wish I was a morning person, but I'm not.
What I'm reading:
I'm still working on the Iliad, but I am also reading The Making of A Chef by Michael Ruhlman.
What I'm listening to:
The house is nice and quiet right now. Bookworm is usually up with the sun and drags at least one sister up at that time too.
What we're learning: We are taking a day off from formal schooling today, (one of the beauties of homeschooling) but tomorrow we will get back into Hannibal, the Punic Wars and the Maccabean revolt in history, Shorter Catechism question #18 and pushing to finish those math books before the end of school.
What I'm watching:
The sun shining, and some pretty purple tulips on the dining room table.
What's cooking:
Tonight is leftovers, but later this week I am making Indian Spiced Lentils.
What I'm buying:
We just picked up a vinyl table protector so we can still see the beautiful finish of our table and yet protect it from little, grimy hands.
What I'm thankful for:
My sweet children who bring so many smiles to my face.
What I'm creating: Writing, writing, writing. I have two reviews that I have to get out this week.
What I'm praying:
That the Lord would continue to humble me and make me more like Him.
What I'm planning:
To once again stick the nesting boxes into the rabbit hutch this Wednesday. The babies should come this weekend.
What I'm looking forward to:
Today we will be hanging out with our friends who are visiting from Washington most of the day. The kids are planning a massive water balloon fight, and the Mommas are going to make Chocolate Ganache Brioche. We are also looking forward to co-op this Wednesday as we are starting our final month.
A picture to share:

~My three girls at the park a couple weeks ago, before their haircuts.


  1. I just realized I forgot to do my Tuesday's Tidbits last week! :(

    The picture you posted is absolutely adorable. Beautiful girls.

  2. Now you need to post the photo of them after the hair cuts! :)


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