Monday Musings

What I'm thinking: That I am so glad my computer is back up and running, after being without it for a whole week. I am also trying to rack my brain and remember all my bookmarks. I had recipes, blogs, worksheets and articles that were listed on my Favorites and they are all lost. :-(
What I'm reading: The kids and I are finishing up Victory on the Walls this week, a story about Nehemiah and the rebuilding of Jerusalem.
What I'm listening to:
Revelation Song by Phillips, Craig & Dean.
What we're learning:
Malachi, Plato and Aristotle in history, The children began memorizing Psalm 1 for co-op and Fish is the title of the new chapter they started today in science.
What I'm watching:
We finished Bleak House!! I loved it and can't wait to read the book.
What's cooking: I have BBQ pork sandwiches on the menu....I love crock pot meals.
What I'm buying:
Later this afternoon I need to head to Kinko's to make some copies and my big monthly shopping happens later this week.
What I'm thankful for:
A wonderful weekend we had....Mr. Lego did well at the 4-H Sectionals Saturday morning, my sister and her family spent the night on Saturday and then church was such a blessing yesterday. We had our Supper for Six also and had a lovely afternoon/evening with appetizers, wine and fellowship.
What I'm creating: The kids have asked me to replace some of their bean bags so I am knitting a couple new ones.
What I'm praying:
That the hearts of my children would continually be drawn to Christ.
What I'm planning:
I need to do some lesson planning for the hymn I am teaching in co-op; O God Our Help In Ages Past.
What I'm looking forward to:
4-H is tomorrow evening with a kids carnival, we have co-op on Wednesday and then we hope to get together with a friend and her little ones for lunch on Friday.
A picture to share:

~April 2005. My babies have grown so much!


  1. I love Phillips Craig and Dean! IS that a new CD?

    Also, I missed you! Now I know where you were all last week :) Welcome back!

    Cute picture!!

  2. I so missed reading everyone's blogs! I am still trying to catch up. :-) The Revelation Song is one I have on Lala....I actually don't have any of Phillips Craig & Dean's CD's. Thanks, Stef!

  3. Welcome back to the blogosphere!


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