Flashback Friday - Our Honeymoon

My friends Erin and Krista gave me this great idea to have a Friday Flashback. So every now and then when I feel in the mood I will have a flashback. If this is just plain boring to you then skip the post; personally, I love reading about other peoples adventures.

We were married on a rainy day in January, many years ago. (14, to be exact.) I remember having so much fun at our wedding, but looking so forward to having some time with just my love in a very beautiful place. When we became engaged 8 months earlier, my mom was the one who convinced us to save up for a big trip and I am so glad she did. Our destination was Kauai, the 'Garden Isle'.

Here we are leaving the church; My Sweetie is ready to leave while I was voicing my concerns about the luggage, I think.

We took the limo to The Four Seasons hotel in San Francisco. We were the only crazy newlyweds to get married on Super Bowl weekend so they gave us this huge suite that was twice as big as our first apartment.

The next morning we got on a plane for Hawaii. We stayed in a condo right on the beach at Wailua Bay. We spent the whole week going on drives, sitting on the beach, eating great food and seeing some incredible sights. Here are some highlights:

One day we rented a canoe and went up the Wailua River, and then hiked a mile or so in using a not-so-easy-to-read map, and found this:

The name of this 100 foot waterfall is Secret Falls and you can only view it by canoeing up river and then hiking in. The water was actually pretty cold so only my Sweetie went swimming in the falls; I was content to wade up to my ankles.

Another day we visited the Kilohana Plantation and went to a lovely restaurant there called Gaylords. We also took a carriage ride there and the driver stopped and let us pick bananas on the way.

We did do a helicopter ride around the island; they did not fly through the Waimea Canyon like I thought they would but it was our first time in a helicopter and it was a lot of fun. We did see where they were filming Jurassic Park: The Lost World.

Here is the Waimea Canyon from one of the many lookout points; it truly is the Grand Canyon of the Pacific.
We called every day we were there to go out on a Zodiak boat up to the Na Pali coast to see the migrating whales, but the waves were too high each time for them to go out. We had a great, relaxing time that week and are so glad we went there for our honeymoon.

After a week in paradise we headed back to California and the other extreme, a cabin in the snow. We had friends who have a cabin off of Highway 4 near Bear Valley so we spent a few days up there.

One day we went tubing.....

.....another day we went snowmobiling.

It was a little bit of a shock going from Hawaii to the snow so we did spend a lot of time in front of the wood burning stove at the cabin.

(These photos were the cream of the crop...at the time I had a regular camera with film so I think we only took about 40 pictures....if I would have had digital it would have been in the hundreds!)

I would love to see photos and/or hear about your honeymoon adventures sometime!


  1. What a great post Charlotte, I love seeing other people's adventures too. How fun that you went to Hawaii AND the snow! Waimea Canyon is beautiful! What an experience!

  2. these are fun posts! I loved this glimpse into your time together as newlyweds. You guys look like teenagers here! So cute and I can't get over the size of the place you stayed!


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