Favorite Things - In My House

Inspired by a couple of my blog friends, Dawn and Stef, I have put together this post on the favorite things I have around my house. I really tried to make this an accurate portrayal of my little home, but I must admit I did a quick pick up in the living room before. And I made Nutsy move her truck off the stairs so I wouldn't trip. And I made sure my bed was cleaned off.

So here goes......

Probably my favorite room in the house, my kitchen. I love cooking, cleaning up after dinner, sweeping the floors...pretty much anything that happens in this room I love, except when something glass hits that tile on the floor.

This is our school room, which is in the same room as the kitchen. I love my bookshelves which go all along one wall almost to the ceiling. There are large windows all along the other wall so it is nice and light in these two rooms. I also love it that I can get up and make myself a cup of tea during school. Speaking of books.....

I love books. Sometimes I think I have an obsession for them. I have non-fiction, encyclopedias and reference books in the school room....this is the historical fiction section...

Another bookcase of fiction in the living room.... (and yes, I see that The Odyssey is on this shelf. They are not perfectly cataloged...) :-)

A couple of bookcases are in our room that hold adult fiction and theology....

There are 3 bookcases in Mr. Lego's room. In our house, if you are the only one that lives in a room, then you are by default going to share that space with lots of books. On these I store more adult fiction and all my textbooks and reference books we are not using in the current school year. This bookcase above is of children's fiction. I counted 14 bookcases spread throughout our house.

I love my bed! It has a Stearns and Foster mattress on it. I do love going on vacations and visiting people, but that first night back in my own bed is lovely.

In the same area, my favorite thing in the bathroom is my trusty Sonicare toothbrush. I really love the way it makes my teeth feel. But don't ask me about flossing. That is one of my weaknesses in oral care.

I love seeing the kids toy car parking lots. My kids love Matchbox cars and can spend the whole afternoon playing 'city' with them. These were on the floor of Mr. Lego's room.

Our living room/dining room is where we spend a lot of time and I love this room combination. We live in a small house; 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath and 1450 square feet. But most of the time I love living in a smaller house.(Except when I am trying to find space for another bookcase!) Clean up is usually quick and you would be surprised at how many we can squeeze in for entertaining.

One of my favorite things to have sprinkled throughout our home is candles. They are so warm and comforting in the Fall and Winter, and look very pretty in the warmer months.

Most of the toys are in the kids rooms upstairs, but we do keep the gigantic dollhouse behind one of the sofas for the girls to play with. When Bookworm saw that I was snapping pictures around the house, she made sure to set up the dollhouse.

See? There are usually toys on the floor. Just so long as we clean it up at night before bed, I am OK with it.

When I am feeling a little stressed, or need something to fill my time for a few minutes, I play the piano. I love playing hymns, praise songs, Bach, Mozart, Chopin, Scott Joplin...

If you go up the stairs you will see our Memory Wall. Every year that we have been married, we have had our family photos done. I love slowly walking up the stairs and remembering how God has faithfully sustained our family.

One thing I love to have is a schedule. I post the kids chore schedule in the kitchen and every few months mix up their responsibilities so they don't get bored. I have a house cleaning schedule for myself and a school schedule posted in the school room.

I love the view from my kitchen window. We have beautiful roses outside, I can watch the children when they are playing on the lawn and see the flowers on our deck.

I hope to continue doing more 'Favorite Things' posts in the future when I feel inspired...favorite foods... favorite things in my backyard... favorite places to go.....

~Thanks for reading!


  1. Your house is so beautiful, Charlotte! Thank you for the tour.

  2. I loved this post, Charlotte! And, its okay that you did a little pick up :) Your home looks so cozy and welcoming, I love it!!
    Candles, yes. I can't believe I forgot a picture of my piano! Wow... you took some great shots - thanks!

  3. Did you build the shelves in your kitchen? I am looking to get something bigger than our armoure (spelling) for all our books/school stuff.

  4. I share your love for books. We have much less, but make regular trips to the library. Sean actually has the lions share of books at our house. We move too often to collect all the books we want!

  5. I am salivating over all those books! For me, shelves of books is home decor, comfort, and entertainment all in one.


  6. Thanks, everyone!

    Rebecca, those shelves are from Ikea. They are the Billy bookshelves, but recently when we went to Ikea I found out that they are discontinuing that stain. Ikea is SO good for inexpensive, but good quality stuff!

  7. Hey - I know Tina! :) *waves*

    I love your memory wall and your kitchen/schoolroom. You knew that though! :)

    Loved seeing you today and so appreciate your wonderful input into co-op! We'll definately talk more about California stuff for next year.


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