Monday Musings

What I'm thinking: That it is going to be a long day....I was up three times last night with Nutsy and some persistent ear pain she was having. :-(
What I'm reading: I am almost finished with Quo Vadis....I could not put this book down! I'm also planning a post reviewing the books I have read so far in my book challenge.

What I'm listening to:
The Return of the King soundtrack is playing while the kids are doing their independent schoolwork.
What we're learning:
About Xerxes I, Esther and Athens in history, Mr. Lego is reciting 'The Months' by Sara Coleridge in co-op on Wednesday, and we are planning a trip to the small zoo in our town later this week.
What I'm watching:
A little bunny falling asleep in Bookworm's arms.
What's cooking: I'm making Chick-pea Creamy Soup with Potato Rolls
for dinner tonight.
What I'm buying:
I am heading out real quick this afternoon for more children's Motrin for Nutsy.
What I'm thankful for:
For my Love and the special day we had Saturday while the grandparents watched the kids for us.
What I'm creating:
A different perspective....I am thinking to move furniture around in the kids room. Change is always fun.
What I'm praying:
For our nation; and remembering that God is in control.
What I'm planning:
My last week of teaching in co-op is this week so I am putting the finishing touches on the lesson. All about high mountains and glaciers.....
What I'm looking forward to:
Hopefully more baby rabbits later this week!
A picture to share:

~Saturday, March 20, 2010. Half Moon Bay, California.


  1. what you're making for dinner sound so yummy!!

  2. Thanks, Stef! Cooking is one of my favorite things to do....


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