Monday Musings

What I'm thinking: That we had a busy weekend and now I am paying for it as I am tired and not feeling 100% today.
What I'm reading:
I finished the Mother At Home and so I started Quo Vadis by Henryk Sienkiewicz. So far I am liking it a lot.
What I'm listening to: The dryer, the washer and the kids chattering in the living room.
What we're learning:
About the Roman Republic and the Battle of Marathon in history, Aquatic herps (reptiles and amphibians) in Science and protege is our vocabulary word for the week.
What I'm watching:
Sun streaming through the windows with mid 70's on the temperature gauge this week.
What's cooking:
Fusilli with mozzarella and peppers is what I'm making tonight, with a green salad and french bread.
What I'm buying: I need to go out and buy some shavings and Timothy Hay for the baby rabbits that are due to be born in a week and a half.
What I'm thankful for:
Precious friends that we spent the weekend with!
What I'm creating:
Lesson plans for my last two weeks of teaching co-op.
What I'm praying:
For patience....the kids seem to be in a bickering mood today.
What I'm planning:
A day trip with just my Sweetie and I this weekend.
What I'm looking forward to:
Our 4-H rabbit project this week, a St. Patrick's Day party in co-op and going to the grandparents this weekend.
A picture to share:

~This was taken in early 2006.....


  1. I have to ask, what's Fusilli? Is it a type of pasta? Btw, I think the bickering kids is due to the time change... at least that's what I'm blaming as I have the same struggle today. =0)

  2. I love this picture, the colors/lighting are lovely! And the kids are so sweet with their mama. :)
    And by the way... your "what's cooking" answers always inspire me!

  3. Fusilli is a type of pasta; it is long like spaghetti and curly. I usually break it in half. It's funny, my spell checker doesn't even recognize the word Fusilli....

    And for some reason, Mondays have been bickering days for the kiddos the last couple weeks. I am thinking that sometimes our weekends are too busy. :-)

    Melissa, the recipe comes from a Williams and Sonoma Pasta cookbook I have which we received as a wedding present.

  4. How did you like the book A Mother At Home? I saw that book at church a couple weeks ago and didn't know much about it. Do tell when you have time :)

  5. I hope you enjoy the nice weather this week and have a wonderful time this weekend - sounds fun!

  6. I love your writing style. Your sweetness comes through. We loved co-op this week past.

    (Who is so happy you are reading Quo Vadis!!)


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