An Evening Dance

This last Friday we had our church's fancy Ball. Now this is not your typical crazy dancing-whatever-goes thing, but practiced folk dances that have definite steps and movements. Before this I had never done any dancing really; I was homeschooled from 5th grade on, so I never went to a prom (my Sweetie says I didn't miss a thing). But I found that I really enjoyed dancing; spinning and waltzing around was really fun. We all practiced together for the last 5 months, learning the Swedish Finn Mixer, Posties Jig and Maple Leaf Rag to name a few.

So the big night arrived. All the young people had been choosing out dresses and suits, learning about dance etiquette and proper gentlemanly and lady-like manners.

Here are some sweet girls before the can see Bookworm on the left.

All the single people had dance cards which the girls wore around their wrists, so before the dance began, the young gentlemen asked the young ladies for different dances and filled up their cards.

A couple of suave guys.....hey wait a minute, I know that one on the right...

First up was Zemur Atik or better known as the Pizza Dance.

This one is Ankellini but we just call it the Butterfly Dance. We pretty much made up our own names for some of these because some of the names you can't even pronounce. That is me and my Sweetie dancing on the left in the next picture. (And yes, I am shoeless. Those black heels only lasted halfway through the second dance.)

Little cuties checking to see what dance is next....

Here you see me, my Sweetie and Bookworm dancing Troika or as we liked to call it, High-Intensity Aerobics Dance.

And for the little ones, the Bouquet Polka. Except this one turns into Lets See Who Can Run The Fastest Dance. There's Dasher...

Of course during intermission we needed yummy munchies to fortify ourselves.

Dancing the Ijswaltz....

And the Doublebska Polka, or La-La Dance.

Of course Nutsy was there but mostly playing it the back room, although she did make an appearance for the Bouquet Polka...

And finally everyone's favorite, The Sitting Dance. I really wished I knew the real name to this is kind of an Israeli tune with this guy singing words we don't understand. We all do hand motions and they get faster and faster with the little kids doing much better than the adults.

This was a great opportunity for our son to be a gentlemen to many beautiful ladies, for our daughters to get to dressed up and act like princesses for an evening, and for all of us to have a fun night dancing!

*If you want to see some video of our family dancing that night, you can go to my Facebook page where I am tagged in a few videos someone posted....


  1. Good pictures! I love the one of you and Jim with his goofy smile. So funny!
    Looks like you guys had great family fun!

  2. That's lovely, Charlotte! Our church hosts a summer ball every year (usually at a park - and the last two years it has ended in a lightning storm!), and we love it. It's so wonderful to see young people trained to be gentlemen and ladies, as you pointed out. Thank you for sharing these pictures and descriptions! I hope you do it again. :)

  3. Thanks, Stef! Jim does love to liven things up with his goofy smile.

    Melissa, how fun to do a dance at a park. And much easier on the feet I would think!

  4. Such great pictures Charlotte! Looks like everybody had a wonderful time!


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