A Day With My Sweetie

This last Saturday my Sweetie and I got away for the day. Got away as in just by ourselves, the two of us, for about 8 hours. This is an important thing. Not because everyday life for me is overwhelming, but because it is good reminder of what is important. Sometimes as moms, we throw ourselves into parenting and housework and cooking, and neglect that one person in our lives who started this whole thing. That one person who I hope to end my days here on earth with. Someday it will be just the two of us alone, and the patter of little feet will be only heard when the grandchildren visit. (which I pray will be very often) But for now it is so important to carve out that little space for the two of us. Which we did, grateful to the grandparents who volunteered to watch the munchkins for us. They by the way had a fun day planned for them; going to play at a park, then off the see a high school musical production of Fiddler on the Roof and finally a pizza dinner.

This is what we did. First we headed to the City, and the Ferry Building Marketplace where a massive farmers market was taking place with great looking produce.

So many yummy things....handmade pasta, gourmet olive oil, organic eggs and every kind of vegetable you could imagine.
There was even an oyster stand with raw oysters. My Sweetie had to have one.

No thanks. Next we headed up to Fisherman's Wharf for lunch. Of course in the City you have to have seafood....

We walked around a bit, watching some of the sidewalk shows and peeking in shops. Then we drove around the Presidio and took in some nice views of the City. Then down scenic Highway 1 to the beach. This is one of my favorite drives anywhere.

We went down to Half Moon Bay and just down the beach from where he proposed to me almost 15 years ago, we found a nice quiet spot to have a little snack....

...as we sat and watched the waves.

Just my Sweetie and I.

It was such an invigorating day, not because my energetic children were not with me, but because I was fostering that relationship that is so important to me. A relationship that in many ways is so much more important than any other human relationship. I encourage you to have some time alone with your mate. If it is just for coffee, or even a weekend away, it is so important to your marriage. Trade off with another family or take those grandparents and extended family up on their offer to watch the little ones for you while you spend some time together, just the two of you.


  1. I loved what you said about getting that time alone with your husband. Its SO true, Charlotte. Marriage isn't just about raising up children and making ends meat. The relationship between husband and wife needs to be nurtured and cultivated; kept alive and enjoyed. Your day out together looks like it was SO much fun! Jason and I are coming up on our Anniversary and we've been planning out what we want to do for the day together. We're not going far from home, but we wanted to do a bunch of fun stuff we've never done before.

  2. How fun! And I don't think I would have tried the raw oyster either. :)

  3. Nice Charlotte! What a fabulous day! Scott loves raw oysters, too. And, he actually got me to try one, one time. And, I liked it! But, it still doesn't make me less afraid to try one again. They are just scary little creatures.
    And, thank you for your very important encouragement to us. All this makes me a bit eager to wean my baby. :)

  4. How sweet! You are such a cute couple. :) I am longing for a date with my hubby and SF is always so much fun.

  5. Erin, take the baby with you! Getting alone time with a baby you both rarely get alone time with would be fun! Jason and I at least love it. But I understand if its not really what every couple enjoys.
    Just a thought :)

  6. Thanks, everyone!

    We never got away with one of the little ones, but I know someone who does do that when they are nursing and it works almost the same. And if you have older children it can be a nice time with the littlest too. But then even a quick dinner out with your husband and no kids can be done with a nursing baby....

  7. We still date, for sure. And, we do take her with us, if you are gone too long.
    I just want to take a longer time out, without her! Your SF trip sounds fabulous!

  8. I totally understand, Erin! The longest we were away was 5 days once. (We went to Mexico) I did miss the kids, but it sure was a boost in our relationship and a ton of fun.


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