Rabbit Update

So the rabbit adventure continues! Thelma Lou was due this last Thursday. (31 days after she was bred.) A few days before, we had put the nesting box in with shavings and hay, and then every evening she would kick it all out. This was definitely making us question whether or not she knew what she was doing! Then on Thursday night we noticed that she was sitting on her nesting box. No babies that evening but the next morning this is what we saw in the cage!

We took out the nesting box to see.....

6 wiggly little piggies! (At least that is what Nutsy called them) All that white stuff is the fur that Thelma Lou pulls out to keep them warm.

On Saturday we got them out to count them and make sure they were doing good.

One of them has a little scratch on its head so we will keep an eye on that. They are so tiny and helpless!

We only had them out for a few minutes and then back into the cage with Mama.

They will open their eyes sometime this next weekend and a week or so after that, hop out of the nesting box. Yesterday we successfully bred Flo who will give birth in 30 days with another litter, this one for the children to show at the County Fair. We are also going to breed Thelma Lou again later this week. The children are learning so much about the rabbits and can't wait for these little ones to grow big enough to come out and play!


  1. They are adorable! I don't know if I have ever seen baby rabbits like that before (in books a long time ago I guess). So wonderful for your kids.
    And wow... I'd forgotten how short a rabbit pregnancy is. Can I say *jealous*? lol. :)

  2. SO adorable! I'm not sure I've ever seen new born bunnies.

  3. SO tiny! Excited to see them! :)

  4. I had never seen newborn rabbits before either....in children's books they usually have fur. They are already changing; today they are turning white because their fur is starting to grow.

    And yes, I would have LOVED a 31 day pregnancy! But get this...rabbits can be re-bred the day they have a litter!! (Not recommended, but they can do it.)

  5. Love it Charlotte! Can't wait to see them with some fur!

  6. So exciting Charlotte!! I love seeing them! What a great experience for the whole family.


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