Monday Musings

What I'm thinking: That we might be getting baby rabbits sooner than we think.
What I'm reading:
So much to do, so little time...I need to do a better job of carving out reading time for myself.
What I'm listening to:
I'm getting ready to listen to Leslie Sansone as we walk two miles the privacy of my living room.
What we're learning:
This week is a review of what we have learned so far in history. The kids and I will fill in a timeline that I am reviewing, up to where we are at about 640 BC. We are starting to feel the 4-H presentation pressure and will give that a lot of attention too this week.
What I'm watching:
My Sweetie and I watched Julie & Julia over the weekend..I must say it is one of my favorite movies now.
What's cooking: Quesadilla of my own creations. Maybe I'll blog about it later this week.
What I'm buying:
We are planning to buy a doe this Saturday, and also entering Barney in a rabbit show the same day.
What I'm wearing:
I'm doing this Monday Musing early in the morning so I am still in my PJ's and my warm, lavender robe!
What I'm thankful for:
Sweet fellowship and gospel teaching at my church.
What I'm creating:
Lesson plans for co-op; my month to teach is in March.
What I'm praying:
Thankful prayers for two men we know who finally have jobs.
What I'm planning: A birthday day for my oldest son, soon-to-be-a-teen...yikes!
What I'm looking forward to:
I'm meeting up with a friend I have not seen in ages tomorrow, co-op is starting a new month and the rabbit show on Saturday.
A picture to share:

Two pictures today; on our anniversary last week the kids decorated the dining room, dressed up as waiters and then served us dinner.


  1. We just watched J&J last night - saw it in the theatres too and loved it. Good movie. :)

    Such a sweet thing for your kiddos to d with decorating and serving you dinner. What is the significance of the blanket on the back of the chair? :)

  2. The blanket on the back of the chairs...a few years ago when we studied the Middle Ages we had a knights dinner and somehow they got the idea that they had covered chairs. So from then on, whenever they have thought it was a special occasion, the blankets go onto the chairs! :)

    Missed you yesterday and can't wait for Wednesday!

  3. The anniversary decorating is just too cute! How special. :-)

    My Mom, sisters, and I watched Julie and Julia and loved it, too -- now we're watching some of the original Julia Child cooking shows, and those are a crackup! What a darling lady she was. :-)

  4. Anna, where are you finding the original cooking shows? I would love to see some of them!


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