Chicken Pad Thai with Peanut Sauce

So as promised, here is my rendition of Chicken Pad Thai. A long time ago (in a galaxy far, far away) I had this wonderful dish in a restaurant and had always wanted to copy it. I saw a recipe in Cooking Light a few years ago called Siam Stir Fry Wrap and decided to tweak it to my liking.

You begin with Rice Noodles. These ones will cook in boiling water for about 6 minutes or so, even though the package says 10.

While the water is heating I make the Peanut Sauce. This is the only part that is an exact copy from the CL recipe so I can't take credit for its deliciousness. You mix 1/4 C. lime juice, 3 T. peanut butter, 4 cloves minced garlic, 3 T. soy sauce, 3 T. of honey and a little hot chili paste. (Since the kids eat this up, I only put in maybe an 1/8 of a teaspoon of chili paste, but this is where the dish gets its heat so if you like it, pour it in.)

Mix it really well until it looks like this.

Then I take 2 raw chicken breasts which have been diced and saute them in sesame oil over medium-high heat in my wok.

While they are sauteing I prepare the vegetables. I use a bag of coleslaw-carrot mix and chop up a red bell pepper. Then comes my favorite part, the spices. I mince about 3 T. of fresh ginger and peel 4 cloves of garlic to mince also. A word about ginger here, once you start using the fresh stuff you can never go back to that whatever-it-is in the spice rack.

I remove the chicken from the wok once it is cooked through and clean out my pan, if needed. Then I add a little sesame oil and the cabbage, bell pepper, garlic, ginger and 2 1/2 T. of curry powder. After a few minutes I do add a couple of teaspoons of water; I don't like to make it too oily and I find that adding a little water helps to get the yummy stuff off the bottom and cook the veggies.

After a few minutes and the cabbage has wilted a bit, (the wok is still on medium-high heat) I add the cooked chicken and a tub of tofu that has been cut into cubes. At this point I also add 3 T. or so of soy sauce. Mix well.

By this time my rice noodles are finished and draining in the colander; I give them just a spray of water to keep them from sticking together too badly. Goodness gracious, please ignore my dirty kitchen tile.

Now to assemble this lovely dish: Place a spoonful of noodles in a shallow dish. Then top with a scoopful of the cabbage mixture. Now I take bean sprouts and kind of make them stand up like a mountain and then sprinkle cilantro and basil leaves around. (When I went to the store this week they were out of basil so it's missing...)

Yum! My family really likes this dish. A couple of the kids are not too excited about all the veggies so they opt for noodles and the peanut sauce. I usually double the sauce because we all love it. You could make this a vegetarian recipe be omitting the chicken, and it is gluten free if you use gluten free soy sauce instead of the regular soy sauce.

Another is such a pretty dish!

The original recipe was a bit different; there was lime juice in the veggie mixture and bean threads were used instead of rice noodles. Then it was all mixed together and put in tortilla wraps with lettuce leaves. I don't think I ever made it that way and started changing it from the beginning. Hope you enjoy this and let me know what you think!


  1. oh my goodness, thank you, Charlotte!!!! This looks better than the stuff we order! Thanks for posting this recipe. Jason's been wanting to make a dinner with me and since we both LOVE Pad Thai, I think we'll cook this :)

  2. If you like cookiing Thai food, may I recommend this site

  3. Wow! You look like a great cook! I wish you were closer so I could come and watch and learn!

  4. Thanks, everyone! I forgot to mention in the recipe that we usually drizzle the peanut sauce over the cabbage mixture.

    And the above link looks yummy too!

  5. Seriously. I am ravenously hungry, and that looks *so* good. You must promise that if our family ever needs meals delivered to us in case of some horrible emergency that you will bring that dish. Nothing can look so bad after eating that!


  6. I am completely ignorant of how to even begin to make any kind of asian type dish, but your post makes me think that I CAN do this!
    I hope to give this a try soon.


  7. Thanks Tina, for stopping by! Asian food can be intimidating, but it is so delicious and really not too hard to make. Now French cooking....that is another story....

  8. French . . . . . .French . . . . . . all I'm pulling from my fuzzy brain is french fries. I do have a recipe for Herbs de Provence that I will put together soon. That sounds Frenchy. Other than that I got nothing, no knowledge of French food floating around in the ole noggin. Off to add a study of French food to our geography studies.

  9. Have you seen the movie Julie & Julia? Lots of French cooking in there. I also have a couple cookbooks from Jacque Pepin that have like 15 steps per dish. Beef Bourguignon, pates....someday when my children are older and the homeschooling is lighter I would love to experiment with different cuisines.

    Cooking is something that I love, but gardening or sewing? Not my strong points. :-)

    And I would love it if you blog about the Herbs de Provence when you use it...fresh herbs are so yummy.


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