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Over the Christmas holidays I took a break from the computer. Something I would recommend for any of us who check Facebook daily and keep up with a number of blogs. Only it did make for a heavy bit of back reading that I am still catching up with, but the break was worth it.We did keep busy, doing stuff as a family and also visiting relatives so I thought I would catch you up on what we did.

A few days before Christmas we participated in a canned food distribution. As a part of 4-H, the children are required to do 1 community service a year. We had already fulfilled that by helping with a spaghetti dinner in October. But when this sign up sheet went up at our last meeting, Mr Lego surprised me by really wanting our family to participate. We were there two mornings, handing out food to people who would otherwise have a sparse or non existent meal on Christmas. We had never done this before and it really showed the kids (and myself) how truly blessed we are.

Christmas Eve we had our traditional appetizer night...

It makes my mouth water just remembering that yummy stuff. Then we headed out to look at lights with about a million other people. There is this huge neighborhood near us where they all put out paper bags with candles in them so we headed over there. The older kids and dad were brave enough to walk a bit, but myself, being the icicle of the family, drove around with Nutsy.

Christmas day was low key - we don't make too big a deal about gifts in our family. A precious family from our church came over in the afternoon for dessert, games and sweet fellowship. The next day we headed to visit extended family. Our Obachan (Japanese grandma) had made some awesome Sukiyaki and Maki and the whole side of the family hung out all evening.

All the cousins had a blast playing together. There are 10 of them now, ages 6 weeks to 16.

They have a Wii or an X-Box-whatever there, so the guys played around with that. I have nothing against playing video games every now and then, but one of those things is not coming near my house. =) The rest of us played Speed Scrabble and got to know our newest little cousin.

After the weekend we headed to San Francisco. We have this love-hate thing with the is really beautiful there, the food is incredible, but the traffic/driving stinks and you have to know what parts to avoid. We went to China Beach and let the kids run in the sand, watched the surfers and saw some dolphins.

Then we headed to Japan Town to nibble on Taiyaki and visit the Ichiban Kan, or Japanese dollar store. I found some ceramic dishes I was looking for and we picked up some salty rice cake treats. Then we went to Fisherman's Wharf for a bowl of clam chowder and a loaf of Boudin bread...there is something about eating sourdough bread in the city. We found a nice quiet spot to sit near the wharf that I thought was pretty.

New Years' Eve we headed up to our friends house for a day and night of games, food and great fellowship. One of the men had planned all these fun games which even the littlest ones could play. I won't go into details but some of the props included baby food, peppermint patties, a pink ladies hat and duct tape. Here is Bookworm taking her turn with the baby food game...

In other news, we named the buck! Big time breeders don't take the time to name their rabbits, but only give them numbers. Us small time people give the sweet things a name and I have noticed, sometimes a family picks a theme. So since we LOVE the Andy Griffith show, we named him Barney. The doe was already named Flo when we bought her, which I think goes nicely because Flo could be the name of a waitress in the diner or something.

We get back into school this week, co-op also begins and our first 4-H meeting of the new year is next week. I have enjoyed catching up with all of you on your blogs, or the Christmas letters that we have received. Have a blessed week!


  1. Looks like your break was fun! I have to say, I never spend too much time on blogs. Most blogs don't have too much reading (at least not the ones I follow) but mostly just pictures and little things written here and there. Facebook, however, seems to captivate much of my time. Little minutes here and there, but they totally add up. I'm trying to cut down on that :)

  2. I know what you mean! I am trying something new this year...I only check Facebook twice a day and I divided all the blogs I read into each day of the week and only check them on those days. Of course the people I am closer to I check every day, but I am hoping this cuts down on my computer time. :-)

  3. You did so many fun things! I love that I can come and catch up! I know what you mean about computer - I have cut back but now am behind on all blog-reading! Happy New Year! Hope we can get together soon!

  4. *I am trying something new this year...I only check Facebook twice a day and I divided all the blogs I read into each day of the week and only check them on those days. Of course the people I am closer to I check every day, but I am hoping this cuts down on my computer time. :-)*

    Sounds very wise. :) Has it been working? I need to do something like this too!

    Good to see you yesterday, though missed chatting. Hope to see you Sunday.


  5. Dawn, it does seem to be working! Facebook is a little harder because it is so easy to check it quickly; I find that if I completely turn off our computer during school and in the evenings, I don't get on.

    I missed talking with you too yesterday! Nancy was excited to show me her WW thing and I didn't realize it was so late when we left! I did hit some traffic coming home. :(

    See you Sunday!


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