Monday Musings

What I'm thinking: That we have run out of book shelf space and I need to get another one...Ikea, here I come!
What I'm reading:
I am really enjoying Humility, the Forgotten Virtue by Wayne Mack. I am hoping to finish it this week.
What I'm listening to:
The dryer doing its thing.
What we're learning:
Sparta and Athens in history, Shorter Catechism question #3, intermediate multiplication for the older kids and a new book in Total Language Plus, Caddie Woodlawn.
What I'm watching:
The rain coming down and the trees swaying in the wind.
What's cooking: An awesome crockpot dish from one of my friends called Chalupa. Eaten with warmed tortillas and salsa...yummy!
What I'm buying: I just found a hole in one of my favorite socks so a new pair is on my shopping list for Friday.
What I'm wearing:
It's rainy and cold today so I am wearing my jogging pants, striped shirt and an Old Navy sweatshirt.
What I'm thankful for: That God's mercies are new every morning!
What I'm creating:
I am still working on that braided rug...
What I'm praying:
For those in our church who are unemployed right now.
What I'm planning:
My monthly menu planning is this week so I am going through lists and recipes.
What I'm looking forward to:
Our 4-H rabbit meeting tomorrow and co-op this week.
A picture to share:


  1. A *monthly* menu?! Wow, I am impressed! See you Wednesday. :-)


  2. Nancy, I started doing it monthly when we had Nutsy. It was just easier to know what we were eating and to have all my weekly lists in order. But before that I planned out a week or two in advance...

  3. You always have the best pics! You are so good to do the monthly menu - I only manage to do a week at a time. I am wondering - how are the rabbits doing?


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