Monday Musings

What I'm thinking: That when I just went through all the Christmas cards we received, I forgot to send a card to 3 families!
What I'm reading:
Blogs and more blogs. I took a computer break the last two weeks.
What I'm listening to:
Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack.
What we're learning:
Back to school this week...Early Roman history, doing an overview of grammar and we are starting to memorize the shorter catechism.
What I'm watching:
My sweet Nutsy trying to put on as many play necklaces as she can.
What's cooking:
We had clam chowder tonight for dinner.
What I'm buying: I was really trying this year to get some discounted Christmas lights, but they were all out. :(
What I'm wearing: Brown skirt, cream shirt and brown sweater.
What I'm thankful for: I'm remembering that last year at this time my Sweetie was without a job and being thankful that he is employed now.
What I'm creating:
I am planning to make some homemade granola tonight.
What I'm praying:
For a friends' job interview tomorrow, and a pregnant friend who is sick in the hospital.
What I'm planning:
At this moment, I cannot think of anything I am planning right now. I am not in charge of co-op this month, school is planned for the week and my meal planner is filled out on the fridge!
What I'm looking forward to: Getting back to co-op this week!
A picture to share: