Not-Too-Late Thanksgiving Photos

December is already a third of the way through, (!) and I just realized that I never posted any Thanksgiving photos. So here goes...

Getting ready to feast. Notice my son. He is all prepared with his napkin tucked under his chin.

Yum yum.

My 92 year-old grandpa. What a blessing to have him with us!

A rousing game of Spoons.

Shuffling, and me having fun with the shutter speed on my camera.

The whole gang.


  1. looks like a fun Thanksgiving!! It was nice seeing your Dad. I've not seen him since I was about 14 years old.


  2. Hello, Charlotte! I was looking at Stef's blog and saw your name and wondered if it was the Charlotte I knew from years ago at Valley Church? And it is!
    I'm Nicola Swanson, I used to be Reiter.
    It's funny that I came across your blog, because just the other day I was going through some old photo albums and came across you and Jim's order of service for your wedding. What a small world, with a great God.

    What a beautiful family you have!
    Many Blessings,

  3. Hi Nicola! How great to meet up with you again! And I love your blog and your sweet little girls. God Bless!!


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