School Report

So we have made it through our first quarter of the 2009 school year and things are going well. Here is an update of what we have been learning:

Bible: We are continuing to read through the Bible with Balancing the Sword by reading a chapter a day. So far we are not even through Genesis. At this rate, we would be doing this for a few years so I decided to pick up the pace and do 2 chapters a day. The children also keep a Bible journal and write down a couple sentences about each chapter they read.

Math: Is just plugging along. They are all doing well and loving Math U See.

History: Mystery of History is great! We studied Sumeria, Ancient Egypt, Abraham, Joseph and Moses. The children are keeping a timeline in their notebooks that we update each week.

Total Language Plus: (vocabulary, spelling, copywork, reading) We are going to be finishing The Bronze Bow after Christmas so I am researching which book to do next. I really liked choosing one that takes place during the same time period that we are studying in history. Any suggestions?

Grammar: Simply grammar is good, but it is kind of dry for my kids. I am debating about going back to Shirley Grammar after we finish this book, which will be in the early spring.

Science: This quarter we used a science workbook that I was reviewing for this wonderful homeschooling magazine. We will finish it up in the next few weeks so that means I need to do some more curriculum exploring.

Co-op: This has been a great addition to our learning; we have studied Raphael, Ralph Vaughan Williams, an overview of geography and arts and crafts. We went on one field trip in the fall to learn about street and fire safety, and the children gave oral presentations on a country of their choosing in the western hemisphere.

4-H This has been educational too; we have learned about showing small animals, keeping record books, types of rabbits and putting together a presentation. We hope to get our rabbits next month.

Dasher is keeping a good pace with her phonics and language; she is reading so much better now. Nutsy has finished her 3rd workbook in the Rod and Staff ABC books and can identify numbers 1-10 and write her name.

We will be taking two breaks in the next couple months; our family does need some time to just hang out together and play. Whether you homeschool or not, I would love to hear how school has been so far for you this year!


  1. So much great stuff! First quarter was great for B. He really loves 5th grade! He likes most of his subjects, but says Grammar is boring because there's nothing new to learn - LOL! He's been practicing his poem for the annual poetry recitation contest - Class contest is next week to determine 3 to compete in finals. We'll see how he does!

  2. I love reading these, Charlotte. I'm feeling overwhelmed by homeschooling (because of me, not my kids) and so reading this kind of stuff helps me remember that with God's help (and my friend's advice) I can do it and do it well!

  3. Thanks, Lisa! What poem is B doing?

    Stef, I totally know what you are saying. When I had my first three little ones and was getting ready to start the homeschooling I totally wondered if I could do it! But in God's grace, life moves forward in baby steps. Like in parenting - we don't get 3 kids dropped in our lap all in one is a process that takes years. (unless we were blessed with triplets!!) Same with homeschooling. It starts out small and gets bigger gradually. Even now I look at my friends with high school students (Yikes!) and wonder how we will do it. And the answer is all around me...God has sustained me with His grace and wisdom so far, He will continue to be faithful.


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