Monday Musings

What I'm thinking: All about rabbits...researching who to buy from, when to breed, rabbit characteristics...
What I'm reading:
Rabbit books! I am woefully behind on my 12 books in 12 months...a post coming soon on that...
What I'm listening to:
Fernando Ortega.
What we're learning: We bought our first rabbit over the weekend and are adding new rabbit vocabulary words to our brains...dewlaps, pedigree, kindle, fly back...
What I'm watching:
We just borrowed the second season of The Dick Van Dyke show from our friends. Funny stuff.
What's cooking:
Broccoli Chicken Pasta for dinner tonight...right now a nice hot bowl of miso soup and rice for lunch.
What I'm buying: Cough drops for my hacking children.
What I'm wearing:
I'm cold so I am wearing jogging pants and a blue sweater.
What I'm thankful for:
A wonderful husband who made us a 4 hole rabbit hutch during his vacation.
What I'm creating:
I'm experimenting with my knitting by trying to make headbands for the girls...
What I'm praying: That the ones who are sick in our family would recover fast, and the rest of us would not get it. :)
What I'm planning:
What our family will wear for our annual Christmas picture this Saturday.
What I'm looking forward to:
A Gingerbread Latte, Christmas caroling, driving around and looking at Christmas lights, Christmas crafts, making Christmas cookies...
A picture to share:

Meet Flo, the doe we bought Saturday.


  1. Such a pretty rabbit! :)

    Sorry your littles are ill. Praying they get well soon!

  2. I love reading thru and catching up, what a fun project... rabbits!!! Thanks Charlotte for all the beauty you share... its so refreshing!

  3. She is pretty, Charlotte! I will miss you this week. I think you are right that it is just better not to meet. Sigh!

    Love you,

  4. Again, loved this Monday post. We've been watching the old shows live off of Netflix and have been really enjoying them! Ethan has become a fan of Leave it to Beaver and I'm re-enoying Dick Van Dyke.
    Also, Fernando! I love his music. Listened to one of his CD's over and over again during E's labor.


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