Monday Musings

What I'm thinking: That I am teaching co-op starting this week and I am not ready yet!
What I'm reading:
I just started the History of Redemption by Jonathan Edwards. I am not sure I can get this one done in a month...
What I'm listening to:
Nutsy and Dasher playing with toy cars.
What we're learning:
This week we are studying the Trojan War. Mr. Lego found a misprint in his math book, Bookworm is working on her vocabulary and Dasher started a new section in her phonics.
What I'm watching: Some good friends gave us the first season of The Dick Van Dyke Show. We are all having a fun time watching them.
What's cooking:
Tonight I am making Tomato Pasta Soup.
What I'm buying:
The kids are begging me to go to the store and buy some discounted candy...
What I'm wearing: Tan skirt and white sweater...the heat is still not on yet. (We'll see how long that lasts!)
What I'm thankful for:
My sweet children and their silliness.
What I'm creating: We went to an apple farm last week and I have lots of apples to create something yummy with...
What I'm praying:
That we would stay healthy through the flu season.
What I'm planning:
Co-op lessons! For the next two months I am teaching the different regions of the U.S. in Geography and then all about colors in Art to our eager learners.
What I'm looking forward to:
Going on a date with my Sweetie this Friday.
A picture to share:


  1. I love being in the Co-Op with you! Let me know what you create with those apples.



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