Monday Musings

This is something new I am going to start doing; every Monday I will be sharing a snapshot of our family. I have seen variations of this on my friend's blogs and really enjoyed getting to know them better this way.

What I'm thinking: That I need to practice the piano because I am accompanying this Sunday.
What I'm reading: From the Earth to the Moon, one of my 12 Books. (see sidebar) I really love Jules Verne.
What I'm listening to:
Fernando Ortega
What we're learning: This week's history is of the Exodus, the ten commandments and the wilderness wanderings. Mr. Lego is working on a poem he will be reciting this week at Co-op and Bookworm is working on a report about the Canadian government.
What I'm watching:
Rain pattering softly in the street.
What's cooking:
Beans in the crock pot for bean burritos tonight for dinner.
What I'm buying:
I'm making lots of lists...monthly shopping happens this week.
What I'm wearing:
My long, warm denim skirt, and a tan scoop neck shirt.
What I'm thankful for:
My church family!
What I'm creating:
I'm working on knitting a blue dishcloth.
What I'm praying: for wisdom, with faith.
What I'm planning:
lessons for school.
What I'm looking forward to:
Homeschool Day at the Aquarium next week with an overnight stay at the grandparents.
A picture to share:

Silliness at the park


  1. Number one, I love love love that picture of your children. :)
    Number two, I really enjoyed the random snippets.

    Blessings to you today!

  2. Hey, Charlotte :) We are reading Exodus too right now. I see you have a goal of a book/month. What's next? Love your fall pics. Your children are sweet and adorable.

  3. your kids are so beautiful! i loved that picture <3

  4. Thanks everyone! I am really loving blogging...

    Shari, I am kind of deciding month by month which book I will read. I think next month I will be ready for a serious book; maybe the History of Redemption?

  5. That was fun! Thank you for sharing your heart. I am really enjoying getting to know you and your sweeties a little more every week at MM. God is so good.


  6. Another comment...I will be doing my monthly shopping this weekend, too! I have a master shopping list that is so helpful for me to keep track throughout the week and month. I will email it to you...



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