Monday Musings

We are visiting the grandparents right now; today was homeschooling day at the aquarium and they tagged along. (a post coming soon about those adventures) So here are my thoughts for today:

What I'm thinking: That my feet hurt from walking today.
What I'm reading: The last thing I read was a brochure on animal camoflauge.
What I'm listening to: Grandpa and Mr. Lego playing a game of Battleship.
What we're learning: All about marine life in the ocean, thanks to our aquarium field trip today.
What I'm watching: I loved watching the fog roll in this afternoon.

What's cooking: We're still at my dad's so I have a cooking break.
What I'm buying: The only thing we had to pay for today was parking. $15 for a day at the aquarium is not too bad.

What I'm wearing: Tan skirt and a blue V neck sweater
What I'm thankful for: The beauty God gives us, especially the scenes today at the beach.
What I'm creating: Still working on that blue dishcloth.
What I'm praying:
Safe travels for us as we head back home tomorrow.
What I'm planning:
Co-op lessons plans; I am teaching geography and art in November and December
What I'm looking forward to: Playing some games tonight with the grandparents
A picture to share:

I loved this sign at the petting zoo we saw last week...