What We did Last Weekend

This last Saturday was a fun one for our family. We were split up, both halves having a good time. First, the boys:

They were up at 5:30am and left by 6 to drive out to Carson Pass with a good friend of our family. Their plan was to hike to three different lakes and if they had the energy, to the top of Round Top Mountain at 10,381 feet. Here is Mr. Lego with Mr. R, their fearless guide.

Here they are at the first lake, Frog Lake.

Getting higher and higher...

After reaching the three lakes they decided to push on. Here you can see Lake Tahoe behind them in the distance.

After the final push to the top...

...the summit!

The whole hike took them 8 hours but they had a blast and loved the view.

Now for the girls: We had a not as strenuous a day, with a small ladies tea social planned. One of the moms had thought of a really neat service project; she went to the dollar store and bought all sorts of non-perishable snacks. The girls decorated paper lunch sacks with a Bible verse and picture, then filled the bags with tuna and crackers, raisins, cookies and juice boxes. These are meant to be kept in our car and the next time we see someone asking for money on the street corner, we can hand them the sack goodies.

The moms had a nice time working on our crocheting or knitting and having good conversations. Here is Bookworm and a friend knitting together.

It was a busy Saturday, but a productive one. Our Saturdays are usually not that busy, but I am glad that the boys had the opportunity to hike and that us girls could fellowship with our friends. What does your family enjoy doing on Saturdays?


  1. Fun! Is that the Mr. R we know and love?? :)

    I never knew there were so many lefties in our church! hehe

  2. Great fun with Mr. R! Maybe next year we can get a group together. Girls look like their having a blast, too. Lefties are all right, that's what I say!! :)

  3. Such fun! Yes, Mr. R is fearless - LOL! And Mr. Lego is getting so tall! Good idea for the girls' project - love that. What a fun time!


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