4-H, Our New Adventure

Hi I am Mr. Lego. I am going to tell you about 4-H. We joined 4-H and went to the club meeting last week. At the club meeting, they talked about events and the different projects that they had. We decided to do the rabbit project and the beginning 4-H project. In the rabbit project we will learn about rabbits and then we will be buying a male and a female and then breed them in the Spring. We will have babies and then show them when they are 70 days old at the county fair. Tonight we are going to our other project, the beginner 4-h project. We will learn about record books and presentations and other fun stuff. We will have to do community service once this year and I think we will serve breakfast at the Grange. I am excited about the Grange breakfast and showing the rabbits at the fair.


  1. Wow, Mr. Lego! What a fun way to get involved in the wider community. I hope you meet lots of nice families there. Hey, I might just have to go to the fair to see those rabbits... I bet they'll grow up nice and fast!

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun! I hope I get a chance to see those little rabbit babies!


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