Family Times

A couple weeks ago we headed up to Oregon for our annual family reunion. The majority of my extended family lives in that area including my 92 year old grandpa. Having visited there often, and knowing that it is rare to have a hot day up there, we brought all sorts of layers to wear. Well we could have just brought half the clothes we did, because they were experiencing some sort of freak heat wave while we were there. Having a pool in my aunt's backyard helped a ton so we spent a lot of time in there, even though the water temperature was 91 degrees.

Another day was spent tubing on the Willamette River. the three older kids all tried it and had a blast. Mr. Lego did great and went on both the small tube and the Pancake.

Bookworm did good too, although I think she was a little nervous and didn't like the big waves she went through.

Dasher definitely wanted Dad with her on the tube and then did just fine.

Nutsy was content to just hang out near the shore, swimming in her little boat.

This year, my grandpa's 91 year old sister was able to come so that made it all the more special. The last night we had a huge barbecue and set up tables on the lawn.

Then afterward my cousin set up an outdoor theater on the grass. We all sat on blankets and lawn chairs and enjoyed popcorn while we watched some Pixar shorts and Wallace & Gromit.(which are hilarious!) We are so thankful for the family God has given us, and that we were able to visit with them this summer.


  1. Hi Charlotte! These pictures are great, I had forgotten how grown up your kids are getting. And you littlest one, Nusty? Soooo cute! :)

  2. Looks like you had so much fun Charlotte! What a lovely time with family and what great memories for the kids. And I love all your photos of course!

  3. Love the pictures, looks like so much fun! I love getting together with family. Was excited to catch a glimpse of your sis in the table photo. Wallace and Grommit are a favorite in our house. =0)

  4. Praise God for your loving family! We used to tube the Yakima river in WA... great fun! Ya know, those sometimes heartwrenching and yet always hilarious Pixar movies (and the like) make me love God so much more as I see - in and through those very creative movies - the beauty of His image in man. Thanks again, you two!


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