Church Family Camp Day 3 & 4

The next morning it was pretty cold but we warmed up with pancakes, sausage and hot chocolate.

We spent the morning hanging around the campfire, having great conversations, then it was off to the beach again. It was a teeny bit sunnier this afternoon but there were still people crazy enough to get into the water, including Nutsy with Dad.

We walked the mile hike back up to camp and then had our evening devotions and singing.

After a dinner of camp tacos, it was time for the talent show/skit night presentation. Here is Mr. Lego and a couple friends doing a skit about the dentists office.

Then we had an awesome game of Speed Scrabble which lasted long into the night.

The next morning we packed everything up and realized it was turning out to be a beautiful day so in the afternoon we went to the beach again. The guys all played football in the water, the kids waded and the ladies had fun conversations on the beach.

Even with all the craziness, this camping trip was so fun and we can't wait for next year!


  1. No super cold water for me, but I would have enjoyed your breakfast!! Thanks for sharing the camping trip with us. Group camping is such fun!

  2. Thanks, Charlotte, for helping us relive these wonderful moments at the campout... it was a beautiful time!


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