How Does Your Garden Grow?

You all knew a garden post was coming. I love eating garden tomatoes, but have a horrible time growing them. Our ground here is clayish, and so much so that last year I would water my plants on a 110 degree day, and then go out 4 hours later and there would still be puddles of water around the plants. I think that my entire harvest consisted of 2 handfuls of cherry tomatoes and 1 shriveled cucumber. Needless to say, we needed to change some things. So this year we have gone with square foot gardening and the results have been a complete turnaround. We built raised beds and used Mr. Bartholomew's planting ideas.

Here is a picture when we first started this last April.

Then this is what it looked like in June.

Here is what it is like today.

I have neglected to train the little stems to go through the round metal holders, so some of the plants have actually lifted them out of the dirt. My beans, which are not in these pictures, are pathetically, wilted things with not even a hint of a blossom yet. But I have heard that this is a bad bean year. A couple ladies from my church have been so helpful with advice and tips and just recently I got to visit one of their gardens. I think I went a little overboard with all the different varieties I planted but we have already harvested cucumbers, snap peas, tomatoes, okra, zucchini, onions and some deformed carrots.

And I am really enjoying having fresh herbs to use in my cooking. I already have ideas for next year; like don't put the tall plants in front of the short ones, don't plant a zucchini plant within 6 inches of another, and definitely do not plant your seedlings in 100% mulch! But I am so happy with what I accomplished this year. Maybe I will try a Fall/Winter garden after harvest...

So how are your gardens growing?


  1. You did a great job with your gardening! We did not plant anything this year, but hope to use the same sort of system next year. We really need to finish our landscaping first!

  2. Hmmm, how does this thing work? Hello?? IF YOU CAN HEAR ME, I THINK THIS IS A GREAT WAY TO COMMUNICATE NEWS ABOUT YOUR FAMILY! Okay, that went well... now what does this button do?


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