The First

Hi, this is Bookworm. I want to tell you about something that happened to my foot a couple weeks ago. I was on my bike going down a hill and Mr. Lego kicked a soccer ball. It hit my bike and I fell off. We thought I bruised my foot but it was really swelling up. So I went to the doctor and they took x-rays of my foot. He examined the pictures and then he told me the two last bones in my foot were broken. (Near my little toes.) We had to go to another doctor to make sure it was going to heal right and he gave me a special shoe to wear.

Now it is getting better and I can start walking without the special shoe. I am the first of my brother and sisters to break a bone!



  1. Oh Wow! Glad your foot is doing better! I broke my elbow bone when I was about 5 and had to have a cast and my sister broke her big toe when she was a teenager and had to have crutches!

  2. We are all glad you're healing and doing better! :)

  3. Bookworm! That is quite an accomplishment. But don't be too anxious to become an overachiever in this area, otherwise you'll have to wear a helmet everywhere you go. In any case, I think you should bronze that shoe and keep it forever! Your admiring fan, Mr. Masias


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